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You Fulfill My Fantasy
Monday, 19 April 2010, 5:20 pm

How I wish I was... wonder woman.
Hihihi. I realise that I've been MIA from blogging for the past couple of weeks. Tokyo Hotel and Kelly Clarkson are coming to Malaysia soon! I'm not a fan of either of the two but I really hope I get to win those tickets and maybe sell it for a slightly lower price than the retail price? I got no monehhh. $_____$
Anyway, Leo's having another IU, it's more of IR now, again! Jennifer and Alyssa were so nice to go with me this year since I've failed to attend for the past two years and this year is probably my last here in Seafield. Hillgrove High awaits me! ^-^ I think it's terribly sad that Jack Wann's mom wouldn't let him attend any functions until PMR is over although I guess he was really looking forward to it, and Raymus is such a bitch! Our class booked a table of ten, consisting of me, Jennifer, Alyssa, Wee Ren, Tze Ken, James, Guo Zhi, Philip, Zheng Yi and one more I can't seem to... place.

We went to Midvalley yesterday and my parents finally agreed to buy a crimping iron for me. Now I can crimp my hair just like baby Jonghyun! 8D Alright, I'd bet that most of you don't know how crimped hair looks like anyway. If you're sexy enough, you'd notice that there are little teeny-weeny waves at the front of Jonghyun's hair (picture above), more of the blonde side. Super sexy I likey. Oh, and my crimping iron even comes with a straightener, curling iron etc! :D
Moving on- It was the week before last if I'm not mistaken, Eng&Drama were going to visit an orphanage so Pn. Doris had asked us for donations. Jennifer and I managed to collect $60 from our classmates to buy tons of stationery for those orphans. I think it's so... amazing the fact that so many people donated even though I totally didn't expect them to at all. If I remembered correctly, Jack Wann, Su ann&Ngee Jin, Wee Ren&Jia Deng contributed quite alot of money. Of course there were also a bunch of people who didn't have the heart to contribute as they weren't willing to sacrifice their... recess money, and maybe buy an item or two less. To those who didn't, God shall bless you for being so... terribly egoistic!
I've been sick for the past three weeks. I finally went to see the doctor today and I hope I would be better by the weekend. Sigh. ):

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