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Open Me Gently
Monday, 5 April 2010, 7:11 pm

Helo! Stayed back in school today with Key Key and Mei Yee supposedly for Eng&Drama, but we ended up in the canteen anyway for our lovely sivik project. Before school ended, Key Key and I made a wholeeee list of things to try in the canteen since they have alot of new stuff this year. We definitely blew more than RM10 if we sum it all up, which I think was okay lorh since we had one cheesetart (very nice!) and an eggtart (horrible!), roti telur and roti cheese (both are equally tasteless), a slurpee (better than we expected!) and a fish fillet (I thought it was edible, but Key Key said it was terrible) for both of us each. Then we bought water and went to play with the vendor machine. I offered to buy James an eggtart as a joke regarding his Chinese name, Philip pointed at the eggtart and said, "Eh, look! James!" Tee hee! ^-^ After Mei Yee left at around 3, Key Key and I went up to the library and had a very sexy conversation. Oh, and we met Marion there too! (>^_^)> <(^_^<)
Zhou Yen, Jennifer, Raymus, Jack Wann and Zheng Yi - We're the non-judging breakfast club! 8D Raymus says that Jack Wann, as the father (Mr. Breakfast), has to feed us breakfast every day. Side note: the non-judging does not consist of Henry Lam Lick Yin! d(^_^)b

Look at my very... very chio! tibet bracelet from the flea market! RM5 only you know! ^-^ Actually it looks a little bit like corn in the picture. Tee hee! Anyway, debate again last week during English since Jennifer suggested it to Pn. Sharizad. Our lovely topic was School Life Prepares You for the Real World, and we were in the opposition team. Pn. Sharizad didn't really crown the winner 'cos although the government had more points, the opposition was definitely more sensible. Pn. Sharizad also gave Key Key and I the honour of picking the title for our next debate, which no surprise, includes media censorship. *wink

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