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Happy Bling Bling Day!
Thursday, 8 April 2010, 6:16 pm

Annyeong haseyo! ^-^
Just a really short post here I'd like to dedicate to this one person who has captured my -if not thousands of millions of other girls'- heart, with his adorable smile and the most incredible, sexiest voice ever. I remember I used to see him on SGB all the time along with Kibum, and I used to think that he was sooooo cute! Oh, and I also used to see one of his bandmates, Minho on the Dream Team practically every day. The many times I had saw him on SGB, I shall admit that it was his appearance which caught my eye, mainly his puppy eyes and incredibly sexy blonde hair, which was ohh- eyecandy! As time passed, I realised that this baby wasn't just a pretty face (unlike most of them), this baby actually has real talent, and I dare say that he could be the next Michael Jackson (referring to his vocals here!). I'd bet that those who has actually heard his voice before couldn't agree more either. Facts will remain facts! d(^_^)b

Happy Birthday, Kim Jonghyun!
The shiniest one among those SHINee boys turns 19/20 (UK/Korean age) today! Oh my, the song writer of one of the biggest hits ever, SHINee's Juliette, where would they be without baby JJONG? :3 Jonghyun has changed my view on KPOP, and I'm sure that I have familiarise them to others too! ^-^ In celebration of the birthday of Kim Jonghyun, I even brought to school a pack of Willy Wonka's Nerds to share with everyone else too! They're from SG btw. HEHE.

SHINee's Romantic because... I really like Jonghyun and Key's solo at the near end. But to be entirely honest, I think the song was kind of spoiled by Onew and Taemin at the begining, Taemin completely went out of tune and sang the wrong lyrics. Jonghyun is the only one in white, the one in the center, in case you didn't know. And Key is the one all the way at the end. The begining of the song could be terribly boring sometimes, but all the ohm is at the back! 8D Okok, you shall see how amazinggg Jongkey can be together! ^-^
P/S Jennifer and I even managed to sing a birthday song for JJONG today. *wink Happie!


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