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Whisper My Serenade
Friday, 5 March 2010, 6:20 pm

Bling Bling Jonghyun, 짱~*
Hello hello hello. The Chinese New Year party at my place the week before last week didn't really go as planned 'cos AJ unni made a very last minute decision to bring her friends over too at the same time. I would have canceled the party off if I would have known earlier. It was extremely hectic but I hope everyone else had fun! Hehehe... ^-^ Omona, momoe had prepared a little too much food: huge portion of spaghetti, 6 large pizzas, sushi, cupcakes, fruit punch, jelly etc etc. We had tons of leftovers, so we practically made a whole week's meal out of it. Mmmm... Chinese New Year this year isn't as tedious as the previous years, honestly. We had a really nice reunion dinner with Shi Yen, Yen Loong, Shih Yee, Emma, Auntie Penny etc etc.
To be really honest, Jia Deng and Lick Yin took tons of pictures with my camera during the CNY party for me. But thennn.. I doubt that I'll upload any of them up 'cos they're all awfully blur. Maybe on Facebook 'cos Zheng Yi wants to save the pictures. ;D

Jennifer explaining the rules of the game we were about to play to everyone else. I just happen to have taken this before we got started. We managed to doll Philip up, Jennifer and I actually. I actually took several pictures but couldn't help but to delete them after showing them to everyone else. Fine, I shall admit that seeing the pictures scare the living daylights out of me.
Anyway, our monthly test just ended this week, the last paper was on Thursday. I think it was okay, I guess, just that Geography, Maths, Chinese and Sejarah was ridiculous. Jun Mae told me that I got a B for Sejarah, and I thought that it was okay since I thought it was so hard hehehe. Moral, I'm hoping to get an A since I've already gotten 60/80, I just need to get full homework marks to get 80/100!

Advertorial- As hard as it may be to believe, once upon a time, K-POP was nothing but Asian crap to me. Having being English educated pretty much my whole life, Asian music just never really appealed to me 'cos I've always thought it would be impossible for any of them to come to my liking. I always wondered why the hell the girls in school were so obsessed with Taiwanese singers and bands like S.H.E and Fahrenheit, Jay Chow and Jolene Tsai (is it?). The first Asian song which met my satisfaction was Tell Me by Wonder Girls during Std. 6. As I heard more from Wonder Girls, like Irony and Nobody, I started to take a liking in K-POP, and hence, my momma subscribed to KBS on Astro. Today, I'm guessing that most of you would have known by now how big a fan I am of SHINee and 4Minute. I friggin' love Jonghyun and Key from SHINee for their mad vocals and their rapping (Jonghyun can rap too, apparently; and Key could sing really well- but not as well as Jonghyun though. :D), and I love Hyuna from 4Minute for her ridiculously supercalifragilisticseriouslynojokeamazing rapping and Ji Yoon for her vocals. But besides Jonghyun, Hyuna, Key and Ji Yoon, one other thing that I love about SHINee and 4Minute is that they practically own the industry as... fashion icons. And heck they are musicians. The SHINee Trend (pretty much the same as 4Minute's style) features high-top sneakers, skinny jeans and colorful sweaters. But the main point here is, no SHINee trend is complete without the mixture of ridiculously bright colors. So what other way is as perfect as completing the trend with... Elianto's selection of radiant shades of nail varnish? Elianto's range of nail varnish comes in more than 50 various colors which glide on smoothly onto nails to deliver beautiful, long lasting, chip-resistant colors such as Champaigne Gold, Sparkling Bronze, Sheer Pink, Alice Blue and many more.

Ohyeahbaybeh, so long to OPI's Feelin' Hot-Hot-Hot! and hello Elianto's Flaming Pink. Omona, and only for RM10 per bottle! 8D Shine with me and Bling Bling Jonghyun (of course!) by getting yours today at any Elianto outlet stores (Subang Parade, the Summit, etc etc).

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