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Let's All Eat Candy
Tuesday, 9 March 2010, 9:34 pm

Hi! ;D I just had the sudden urge to blog since I managed to finish up my homework early today. Procrasination shall no longer exist in my dictionary, or at least until after PMR. ^-^ The school had changed our timetable and a bunch of our teachers last week, actually I was really hoping that they wouldn't change our Science teacher but our PJK teacher instead. I really do not like Pn Grace, she's so what-the-hell. Pn. Nages, our new Maths teacher, hasn't been entering class at all lately. And they finally replaced Pn. Phang lorh, though to be really honest, it doesn't really concern me whether or not she teaches us, my Chinese will still be equally as bad. My results for this March exams are okay for those that I've seen so far.
  • I got another SOTD, you guys! :DDD I'm too lazy to post up a preview but do rate, comment and download! 8D The preview error is horrendous, so here's a live preview. Thankyouverymuch! ^-^
  • Pn. Ng had given me awfully low marks for my Seni paper at first (35% only you know!), so I couldn't help but argue with our new Seni teacher and persuade her into letting me discuss it with Pn. Ng first, before she keys in my marks into the computer. When we finally found Pn. Ng, she hesitated to increase my marks for me 'cos she insisted that 35% is all it's worth. I just happen to know that Pn. Ng couldn't understand English very well, so I only spoke to her in English which led her to having no idea what I was saying. I insisted that I apparently wasn't born with the talents to draw very well (I'm sure the whole world agrees with me on this one!), and that I have put in all my effort into one stupid Art exam and that I believe I deserved more than just 35% (which, if I sum in my homework marks, I would only get a 50%, which is a C). Then Pn. Ng had no choice but to add in 15 marks for me. Tee hee! ^o^
  • James and Jun Mae went to look for Pn. Ng the next day 'cos they, apparently, were not satisfied with their marks either. Jack Wann told me that Pn. Ng would only give James 5 more marks, while she refused to give any to Jun Mae. ): Jack Wann made me promise him to bring him along the next time I'm about to start an argument with a teacher. ㅋㅋ!
  • I managed to pass my Chinese without asking Pn. Phang to give me any extra marks (very surprised!). Putting Chinese aside, I think I've gotten all B's and maybe a few A's. I'm awfully worried about my Geography though, I thought it was so hard and I didn't have enough time to check!
  • We went to 1 Utama last Sunday and I saw the most gorgeous pair of Reebok shoes by Jonghyun and Key. It costs around RM360 and my mommy actually agreed to buy it for me but unfortunately, of all sizes they just didn't have mine. T___T
Conclusion: As much as I love Key for how adorable he is and his breathtaking voice, Jonghyun is still undeniably irreplacable. Omona, call me crazy but this is what has been keeping me sane what with every thing that's going on in school. *I am currently hating someone.


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