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Rawr With Me
Friday, 19 March 2010, 9:31 pm

Hey hey, this is my 225th blog post already yo! :D *though excluding those from Lick Hung which I have already drafted, of course. (:
I'm having an extremeelyy hard time doing my history project, and right now I'm still stuck at Kaedah Kajian after so long! I can't remember when is the deadline, so I really hope it's not right after the holidays. Omona, I still haven't started on my geography either!
And to think that I've officially sworn off procrasination, dissapointed!
Anyway, last week we've gotten back nearly all our test papers already, all there's left is science and our new teacher, Pn. Latiffah has been even more MIA than Pn. Nages (she finally came to class on Thursday, I think?). We're still wondering if the supposedly new Pn. Latiffah is the same old Pn. Latiffah we had last year as our science teacher too, and if she is, well good luck to my science notes + exercises!
I am terribly satisfied with my results this test, especially my English which I got 88%. But to be entirely honest, I kind of think that I could have done way better, considering how... ( trying not to be mean here. tee hee!)
Oh, by the way, guess which sucker slash whore got a shinee A for.. MATHS?!
Hint: Jonghyun slash Key. :DD
My baby isn't 100% confirmed yet, since we forgot to check with Pn. Mariani for our homework marks. If I were to get full homework marks, I would be able to get 80% for my Maths! 8D And omg, it would be my first A for Maths since what, UPSR?
[edited!] I created formspring because Key Key and Tsui San did, so ask me anything at http://www.formspring.me/iamyenzhou! :D

Very late birthday gift from Key Key and my hot pink OMG ring from Diva London! Key Key ahhh, I LOL-ed when I realised that you addressed yourself as Key Key with a smiley. Hehehehehe. I went to Brandon's birthday party slash gathering on Monday! :D

Black studded clutch I bought from Sunway the other day! :DDD And and and, my parents' reward for me for getting a stupid A for Maths, SHINee's Romeo album

! ^___^ I wasn't surprised to see baby Jonghyun's picture as the album cover. Actually I wanted the buy the 2009: the Year of Us album, but it costs RM85! ): Oh, and also 4Minute's album, it was very cheap. Plus, it had a short clip with SHINee in it! *happie

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