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Daily Dose of Cocaine
Monday, 29 March 2010, 6:01 pm

Lollipops turn into cigarettes. Hugs turn into sex. Bikes become cars. Love turns into lust. Soda becomes vodka. Detentions become suspensions. Remember when the only drug we knew was cough medicine? And getting high meant swinging on the playground swings?
Hihihi. I finally decided to change my blogskin and I'm loving it truckloads! :D I practically blew my entire weekend + neglected all my projects for this baby. There's a slight problem with the fonts though, hence the very big letter spacing gap. My favourite part of all is the background and how I sorted out the links. Tee hee! All sources are properly credited && let me know what you think guys! ^-^
I must get all my history, geography, civics and art projects done asap! I'm not going to reply any tags for the moment, so if it's anything important email me or go to my formspring instead! :D FYI; it's definitely way easier to reply there at formspring than at the tagboard.
Key Key, Min Rui and I stayed back in school for English&Drama today and I had the most terrifying tummy ache! I refused to go home 'cos I wanted to at least get full attendance marks for CCA- I don't want to let Yale down. Mmmm.. We kind of, in a way, did a drama. Last week we did a debate and guess who ruined some form 5 bitch?! ;)
Anyway, thank God Pn. Latiffah finally came to class last week and we got our science papers. Summing it all up, I've gotten 85% for my science! ^-^ Raymus and I compared answers and the conclusion is that I got the diaphragm for inhaling and exhaling all messed up. I actually got all A's and B's and a C for my March test (excluding Chinese, of course!), and the truth is that I could have gotten a B for my KH too but our teacher didn't make it in time to change my marks. ): Awfully disappointed! I think there would never be a day I decide to become an accountant, what the heck.
Sungai Wang last Saturday 'cos my daddy wanted to buy a new... amplifier. Ohh, look at what our favourite whore bought from Etude House! :DD Lip gloss && lipstick, moss green nail polish, hand moisturizer, hand-held mirror anddd nail balm (if that's what you call it). I'm still caught in between Elianto's and Etude House's nail polish. Actually I think that the ones in Etude House are easier to use and there's a wider range of colors. Slightly cheaper too! :D But the Elianto outlets are definitely more convinient. And uh, frankly speaking, I think you can get the sexiest counterfeits for even sexier price tags in Sungai Wang than even in Summit! ^-^
Definitely can't forget this baby here! Hey, guess who isn't blonde anymore? Jonghyun! Awww.. Our old brown Jonghyun is back. ^-^ Blogger's got some very last minute homework to do, xo's to those who subsribes to my site! :D kthxbye.


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