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You're My Miracle
Friday, 12 February 2010, 7:29 pm

Hi everyone! I'm leaving town again tomorrow for Chinese New Year and I'll only be back by maybe Wednesday? We're still preparing for the Chinese New Year party I will be throwing (surprise, surprise!) next weekend for our class. Ermmm.. Do you guys prefer coke or 7 Up leh? 7 Up and orange juice? Coke and orange juice? Omona, so many decisions to make! I handwritten a message in all 20 of the invitations for the CNY party, you know! Omg, just the thought of having to clean the house for the party drives me up the wall. But I shall paint my toenails hot pink + highlight my hair red for the occasion! Oh, and because our class is so 'semangat' this year, not only did we fill the entire class up with CNY decorations (sponsored by Sami Ooi! :D), we also stuck golden and red paper 福's on our uniforms for say, an hour? Actually two of our Chinese New Year banners broke, so Tze Ken just came up with the most insane idea of cutting out the 福 words and pasting them onto his uniform. Practically the whole class followed his idea the next day, but it barely lasted two hours 'cos while we were in the teacher's office looking for Pn. Latha, a teacher just came up and scolded me for it. I took it off immediately, I didn't ask her why though. $%#&! I'm getting awfully lazy these days, aigooo..
Two things about me that drives Jennifer up the wall in school:
a) My nose is awfully a tad too similar to Jonghyun's.
b) I laugh like crazy at anybody's cheesiest jokes or mostly, at nothing at all, just like Jonghyun. :P
To be really honest, I think I die a little bit inside every time I hear Jonghyun's voice. Apparently, Jennifer is crazy over Minho now so I finally have someone to share my 'shiny bling bling' with. Jennifer says that it's cool, but I think that it's ridiculously supercalifragilisticexpialidocious that Jonghyun could sing Michael Jackson's Billie Jean so well (MJ is awfully hard to imitate). You may watch the video on YouTube at

It's a really short clip so you have to watch it! Frankly speaking, after listening to all of SHINee's older songs like Juliette and Amigo, I have to admit that Ring Ding Dong isn't worth their mad vocals (mainly JJONG and Key, Onew is okay too) at all. I think SM Entertainment should have given Ring Ding Dong to Super Junior instead. Haha! *inside joke. Mmm.. Out of the five, I have to say that my least favorite is Minho lorh, and obviously Jonghyun is the best. Key is second, Onew is third, and Taemin fourth. I think Minho is better off an athlete than a rapper, 'cos I honestly think that Key's rapping is better than Minho's. Omona, Key and Jonghyun make the cutest couple! I really like Key's personality haha!

Valentine's gifts I received this year! Thank you both my noonas Jennifer and Jun Mae, my dosaeng Jia Deng, Sami Ooi, Lick Yin, Su Ann, and my lesbian partner of eight years, Tsui San! Thank you all x10000! Actually, there are a few more which I forgot to add into the picture, but the main point here is actually my new LG Lollipop! LG finally launched the Lollipop here at Malaysia (now that Lollipop 2 will be launching in Korea), and my momoe bought it for me the second day it was launched. Tee hee! See that glowing light in the picture above? That's the Lollipop's LED light everyone is dying for. *Apparently I received lots of love from JJONG via those badges. LOL!

Ohh, after several days of observing, we've come to the conclusion that:
a) Raymus only eats orange colored Nips, though sometimes he might eat yellow ones too in order to get an orange one.
b) Jennifer eats Nips of any color, though preferably red.
c) I eat Nips of any color, though I avoid taking the yellow ones. I always pick the biggest of the group to eat.
Honestly, I really think that green Nips are the nicest to eat. Plus, green is always the bigger ones! :D

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