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Sweet Addiction, Burning Temptation
Friday, 5 February 2010, 8:23 pm

"Lately, Kibum has been receiving so much stress that I think of smoking," says Key.
Hi! It's only the begining of the year but I'm afraid that I might have already blewn one of my 2010 resolutions. I have convinced myself to go for the chorus speaking competition this year but apparently, the auditions were too early for me to make it in time + I had the most ridiculous sore throat ever to even do the audition, so Jennifer and I bailed during the second meeting. We then decided to join the drama but then Pn. Latha told us that all interschool competitions (which are probably the only ones I could take part in to achieve good CCA points) has been canceled due to our government's lack of funds. Screw you. How am I ever going to get into Yale or even Republic Poly?
- moving on.Jennifer couldn't stop laughing like crazy whenever she looked at me in school today so I said to her "I know I'm very cute", in a really sarcastic way, leading her to practically spit out her water while Pn. Periachee (I guess that's how her name is spelled) was in the middle of teaching us about drawing graphs during Geography. Omona, I swear I didn't use to be so noisy in class that teachers would actually notice us and call us 'noisy girls' (Pn. Sophia and Pn. Sharizad). I suppose that it's all Raymus' fault 'cos he seems to point his finger at us all the time although we were completely ignoring his existence. I convinced Jennifer to call me dosaeng from now on and I get to call her noona since she's older than me by a few weeks; While I am Jun Mae's maknae, I still call her Bianca and Jia Deng is my maknae. Uh-huh, and this is all because of... SHINee! Oh-em-gee, I've gotten practically the whole class to know SHINee just by sticking articles about them on our bulletin boards + Jennifer is obsessed with Minho now. It's nice to know that although we might not win the keceriaan competition anymore, everyone in class is still really 'semangat' about our class while James and Philip are still fighting for hottest guy of the month for March. I suppose that Pn. Doris would officially announce the winner tomorrow since it's a replacement day for CNY, she has kept us on hold for long enough. I admit that I used to loathe Key since everyone seems to always compare him with JJONG, but now I like Key too (not as much as JJONG, of course)! You see, even Jennifer admitted that Jonghyun has the most breath taking voice! He even did a cover of Micheal Jackson's Bille Jean and sounded exactly the same besides his pronounciation. The both of us came to a conclusion that Jonghyun likes to... camwhore. And although there may not be any interschool competitions this year, Jennifer and I have the most ridiculous back up plan to blow your minds away to make up for both the chorus speaking + the drama.
Just you wait and see. Muahahaha!

Saranghaeyo, JJONG
P/S I know my posts are getting awfully boring these days. So until I find something really interesting to blog about, bare with meee!

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