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Almighty Bling
Sunday, 7 February 2010, 10:00 pm

This is where it all begun. This is where every thing's gonna end. This is where I say, "you know you love me".
Hi everyone! I've got about half an hour before it's time to sleep so I figured I update my blog again. I had a really tough time and today was ridiculously hectic as I kind of sort of... lost my W580, and I thought I was about to die 'cos my camera is practically my whole heart (it was my Valentine's gift last year + I've waited long enough for it). No W580 = No pictures on blog and my posts would be ridiculously long again. Thank God I found it in between my Bomba uniform, though I can't help but wonder why in hell it was there.
Anyway, we went to iOi Mall yesterday and Sunway today for AJ's birthday + Chinese New Year shopping. I know I'm awfully late and I think I still haven't gotten enough Chinese New Year clothes yet! I promised myself that I would make my wardrobe really colorful this year, inspired by SHINee and 4 Minute. And uh, speaking of CNY, I must go discuss with Jennifer, Jun Mae and the rest of them about the party I'm throwing, zomg. Mmmm.. We had a really heavy lunch at this really nice place called Full House? And guess who's gotten a pair of skinny jeans?! Hehehe..

My new obsession, telebands! I bought them for 50 cents each at Subang Parade on Tuesday. I finally persuaded my momma into giving me a $10 raise in my allowance now that I'm actually eating + spending money in school. $____$ I also blew RM8 on one of those Japanese vendor machines you always see outside Toys'R'Us for a Disney keychain. I wanted the Stitch and Scrump one really badly but apparently, I got the chipmunk one instead. But at least I didn't get the Alladdin one. I hate Alladdin and his monkeyyy. I'm still considering, should I join the singing competition/sketches English and Drama is having? Hmmm....
Omona, no pictures of JJONG today?


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