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You're Like Oxygen
Saturday, 9 January 2010, 6:18 pm

Team SHINee
because we're ohh- so shineey.
Hihihi! I have to admit that the new year is starting out really great although school is awfully exhausting! I'm awfully glad that we didn't have to stream this year and I finally get to be AJK Keceriaan (normally the position would be taken and self proclaimed by someone else). But I had tons of fun in school with Jennifer, Jun Mae and Jia Deng anyways! I try not to sleep in the evening after school so I pretty much kill my time watching Cruel Temptation + SHINee's music videos on YouTube. Omona, I'm so obsessed with SHINee's Ring Ding Dong (it gets better and better the more you listen to it, although it might sound a little annoying at first), Juliette, You're Like Oxygen and Amigo. All the more it's because of Jonghyun's awsumm voice ! I would listen to SHINee's songs with my phone at night before I'm asleep, in the morning when I'm getting ready for school, and even in the shower! :D Sometimes I would be singing their songs in school too, if I'm not threatening Jennifer to surrender to me whatever it is I want by singing Super Junior's Sorry Sorry. Muahahaha! Jennifer and I think that Super Junior is a joke *cough. LOL! I happened to have printed out an irresistibly cute picture of Jonghyun to put in my wallet so I can bring him everywhere I go (mainly to school), and Minho just so happened to be in the picture too.

After a whole lot of staring blank into the cute picture, although Jennifer admits that Jonghyun looks better, she kind of sort of likes Minho nao. Actually I thought that she would have liked Key the minute she sees him, but I guess she hasn't seen him yet. Raymus (who sits in front of us together with the Malay guys in class) says, "Jia Deng, 我 听 你 唱 歌 好 过 听 这 两 个 傻 婆 笑". (Jia Deng is the Taylor Swift of our class) I admit that we tend to be "loud" sometimes without realising it until Zheng Yi says something awkward or when people are staring. The worst was when I put Jonghyun's picture together with Minho leaning aganist my pencil box right it front of me while we were supposed to be doing our homework, and our Maths teacher just so happened to have walked pass and saw it. Oh my, she must have thought I was crazy. Oh, and also while we were copying notes for Maths, Jennifer and I were laughing so hard at the thought of Jonghyun and Minho being gay. Jennifer claims that some gay guys are hot and Jonghyun would be smoking if he were gay with Minho. Apparently, Zheng Yi (who was sitting next to us) overheard us and complained. LOL! Mmm.. Besides all the craziness happening in school, I've pretty much been passing up all my homework in time (besides Chinese and I once forgot to do my Sejarah homework). Maths is still a problem for me although I've been trying to understand my homework. ):
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