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Te Quiero y Solamente Usted
Friday, 15 January 2010, 7:21 pm

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I still can't get over the fact about how arrogant 디제이 has been for the past few days although we've caught her off guard about the many times she has lied to us straight to our faces. 디제이, if only you had half the balls you had to lie to us so many times to appologize instead of giving us pathetic excuses, have you ever wondered that we might have forgiven you? No one would believe a word you say from now on, just so you know. A heart problem, you say? If your heart wouldn't beat faster than the usual rate while you excercise, you might as well consider yourself dead, okay. I don't care if you're reading this, 'cause I know that you probably would. I'm sorry if I've HURT you, so why don't you just sue me?! FYI Jia Deng, there isn't a single civil law violation you could sue me (or anyone else in class) for. But on the other hand, practically the whole class could sue you, for fraud. (:
- more about this next time.

I gottaa admit that having to wake up so early in the morning for school is awfully exhausting that I can't help but fall asleep while I'm (supposedly!) watching teevee. Considering the piles of homework we always have + CCA, feeling so restless is making me lazier by day I tend to slack when it comes to homework, and omona it's only the second week of school. I strived for some changes this year so I kind of joined English and Drama instead of the Photography Club. It was really fun, actually! Though it was raining really heavily during our first meeting, so the colors of the pink manila card I was carrying bleed so it screwed up my white bag. I finally persuaded my momma to buy me a new one. Tee hee! I talked to my parents about getting another piercing again too, no hope when it comes to the nose piercing, but I kind of have a feeling that they're considering to let me get the Auricle piercing. *fingers crossed! But I'm effing scared! I'm still in volleyball although I couldn't make it for any of the meetings because I have tuition on that day. But I guess it's okay lorh, since I'll try to get full attendance marks for Bomba. Ermm.. No, I don't even consider going for the barisan thingie. Actually, I also don't really know why I registered for volleyball! Besides the exhaustion, I'm still having tons of fun with Jennifer and Jun Mae! The three of us had a major fight with Jia Deng this week, the reason I figured you must have already read about. It's pretty tragic, but every time I felt restless or even mad in school, just the thought of Jonghyun made me ridiculously happie. Omg, my heart melts every time I even think about Jonghyun singing deoneun geokjeongma geokjeongma, naman mideobomyeon dwaejana in Ring Ding Dong right before the chorus.
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