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Noona Neomu Yeppeo
Sunday, 24 January 2010, 5:02 pm

Hola! Merentas desa (cross country) was yesterday and Jennifer actually made us run for it. Although we kind of sort of made it to the top 25, somewhere around there, I really have to admit that my stamina and my endurance is awfully low. I may have slowed everyone down, but we still managed to finish around 3-4km within 15 minutes, which is not bad for my first race, right?! To be honest, I'm really surprised that we didn't get last place as our motif at first was to just take our own time and walk. Maybe it was because we had a nice breakfast right before the race started in the canteen while everyone else were waiting in line for the race to start. Tee hee!
Anyway, I'm really glad that everyone in class is actually really engrossed about our class keceriaan, especially Jun Mae , Jennifer , Wee Ren and Zheng Yi . Zheng Yi actually made a whole bunch of pretty lanterns with some old ang paos, which drew tons of attention from the teachers who came in between classes just to praise him. Pn. Doris even said that we might have a chance of winning. Though I'm gonna find out who was wicked enough to steal our lanterns + articles and screw up our whole class before merentas desa. We made a report to Pn. Doris so she's giving us more time 'till Wednesday to fill every thing back up. (:
Last Thursday (was it?) Jennifer, Jun Mae, Jia Deng and I stayed back along with Zheng Yi and Wee Ren who supposedly had ping pong on that day. Pn. Wong gave us free pizza coupons since it was our last day of PMD, so someone apparently just came up with the insane idea of ordering 2 large and 2 regular pizzas from Domino's. After all the hassle, Jennifer and I managed to persuade Pn. Wong into ordering the pizzas for us, which altogether costed us RM65. Guo Zhi and Tze Ken came for the pizza and didn't stay back to help us out for the keceriaan, which I thought was really mean. Surya came afterwards and helped Zheng Yi along with Jun Mae and Jia Deng make the lanterns while Wee Ren wiped all the windows by himself 'cos Lick Yin refused to do anything.

Look at my new toy, guys! I've finally collected + redeemed all 40 stamps for the zebra toy, as you can see. And Adam Lambert's album I got for free from Galaxie. *Actually I was supposed to get a Kris Allen one.

I've finally pulled myself together and got the Auricle piercing. Actually, I think that it isn't really considered at the Auricle piercing since it's so low, but I love it anyway! I gotta admit though, it hurts like hell.

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