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Someone Like You
Friday, 11 December 2009, 2:23 pm

Mhmm hi everyone. I figured that I haven't updated my blog in nearly two weeks already (apparently my previous bandwidth post doesn't count ), so here's a really quick update. I saw a couple of my primary school teachers last week, 林老师 +郑老师 (at least I think that's her name- she was our music teacher when we were Std. 6. Lick Yin/Tracy/Tsui San, what'ser nameagain?!). I saw 林老师 when we were in Shandell again looking for an outfit (or should I say, outfits) for Shih Yee- a cousin of mine I've never even heard of 'till last week. I guess there is a possibility that 林老师 is sisters with the shop keeper- they look pretty much alike to me. And then I saw 郑老师 the day before in a restaurant right after I saw Pn. Ng (my Geo teacher) in Point B; Summit. Pn. Ng was alone and she looked very happy while honestly, 郑老师 looked like a retard. Hmph, I still remember how she used to always scold me last time. Stupid teacher. Then again on Friday, while we were having a little family reunion dinner (we were actually supposed to go for a major sushi buffet at Holiday Villa, but the bride and her family canceled out on us and went MIA) at 大同, I saw... *deng deng deng* Pn. Lau, our head discipline teacher. She was there attending a wedding, and AJ and I were looking out for her when we were pretending to be looking for the loo. Pn. Lau was sitting in a corner and looked very lonely. Aww. LOL! I was lucky that none of the teachers recognized me though, especially 林老师, 'cause knowingly she'd ask loads of questions. I have a feeling that she kind of recognized my mom though. . . .

Paramore's Brick by Boring Brick MV
I'm in the Christmas mood already. It's nearly two weeks 'till Christmas and I can't wait! :D This year, we'll be spending Christmas back in Singapore again. Plus, we're gonna have a real Christmas dinner together. Super excited!
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