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Believe Me, I'm Lying
Tuesday, 22 December 2009, 3:18 pm

( Je veux ton amour, Je veux ta revanche )
We'll be leaving for Singapore in a bit so I figured I update a little to keep my blog alive. I won't be back 'till Monday, or maybe even later, so I doubt that I'll be updating again too soon unless I manage to find a decent network and the patience to blog with my PSP (it's awfully intimidating). But I'm effing excited anyway! :D It's been about 5-6 months since we last visited the SG.
Anyway, I admit that the holidays are begining to bore me out a lot since I've completely ran out of things to do. I've completed the whole first season of Vampire Diaries already, and I think it's x100000 better than Twilight leh. Though I have to admit that the storylines etc are pretty much the same, but hard as it is to believe, Vampire Diaries came out wayy before Twilight did. For the past couple of weeks I've been:
Spending quality time with KK and AJ Reading Galaxie (I subscribed 'cos I thought it would help me to win the Paramore contest) Taking really insane shots with my W150

I was so excited to go to SG I woke up incredibly early this morning thinking that we might leave earlier to see that my room is unbelievably bright in the morning (it's usually quite dark in the afternoon and evening 'cause there's only one window facing East- the sun rises in the East). My room lights are yellow, so usually the pictures I take are horrendously yellowish.

The silver ring I blew RM30 for in Summit. I'm trying to persuade myself to think that I don't need a Nikon D5000 nor a DSLR to take pretty, artsy shots. My W150 can do also, rightt?? Pfftt; My camera is not even half the price of those DSLRs the rich kids own, don't play play.

Paramore's Brand New Eyes album KK bought for me, Hello Kitty pencil case I bought for RM19.90 at Parkson and a little hair clip from Midvalley!

Bright bright! Lookie at my pink walls!
Actually, there's plenty more I'd love to upload but I thought I should upload them to my Flickr instead since I figured I'll be uploading tons of pics when I get back from Singapore. I know everyone loves to see pictures. LOL!
Tags Replied:
Passerby: The government here is a superrr sensitive bitch, so I guess they think that Paramore is a bad influence to us. :( Even Avril Lavigne was banned! LOL! :)
michelleTSY: Sorry, but I cant give you the code as it would be really unfair to the other bloggerskinners. Sorry! :(
PASSERBY: Thank youu! :D
Cloud: Hello! :D
passerby: Mmmm.. You can get them from my Strumming Some Heartstrings skin here. :)
Passerby : Eme.: Thankyou! :D Ermm.. Yeah I did. You can see my credits for my resources though. :)
Anyway, you guys, I added a new link under the site stats on my sidebar, so if you visit my blog frequently or read my posts, become a follower of my blog! xoxoxxxx
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