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Bury the Castle
Wednesday, 2 December 2009, 7:06 pm

Hi everyone! Uh-huh, I'm still alive! (: I've been keeping myself really occupied for the past few weeks, hence the sudden MIA from blogging. I've got a whole bunch of good news though- First of all, I've finally persuaded my momma into letting me curl my hair. Just on the wedding day itself though, but it's better than nothing, right? So long to my super messy, 不三不四 hair, and hello curls! :D Second of all, I've finally found the perfect apparel for the dinner + wedding lunch! Super excited! I also have super chio nails nao 'cause I went for an all-expenses-paid manicure. I kind of regret not getting a pedicure too though. But that's okay. I shall blog by date from here onwards.

Saturday; 21st of November- We had our class potluck party on that day; Jennifer, Mei Yee, Lick Yin, James and I were the first few to arrive at Tze Ken's place. We had a pretty hard time preparing the fruit punch, as no one brought any water and we didn't really wanna "borrow" water from Tze Ken. But we did anyway. As more people came, there were more food too. We pretty much fooled around outside the house and played with the bottles of wine Zheng Yi and Jennifer brought. We mixed red wine/hennessy XO together with the fruit punch since Philip kept complaining that fruit punch with no alcohol was not "syok" enough. It didn't taste really nice though, at least not to me. It was hell too sweet, I guess I'm getting old. I'm really glad that the Malays decided not to show up, we could have been sued. LOL! Later then, the guys were hiding up in Tze Ken's room while the girls watched a movie. Wee Ren, Zheng Yi, Jennifer and I were helping to clean up the place a little bit, then we decided it was time to suprise Tze Ken with the mini birthday cake we bought for him. Some of the guys were being rather mean though, I have to admit, to not sing happy birthday nor even come downstairs to "show face" for Tze Ken as they were busy playing games. Then Jennifer and I made them do the dirty work just so they could get cake. We had sparkling juice and gathered around the carpet to play Truth or Dare. (:
I took a whole bunch of pictures, though most of them are really horrendous since everyone was moving about so much. More pictures I'll upload at my Flickr soon!

A bunch of crazy girls; JD and a shocked Min Rui; Tze Ken the birthday boy

Tuesday; 24th of November- We went to this really deserted boutique in USJ6 called Shandell to look for nice dresses for the wedding. I bought 2. :D

Wednesday; 25th of November- After having lunch, we left home at about one to a place called "Serene Nails Studio" for our mani. Apparently, the manicurist who did me was called Joanne and was really friendly. But things were still really awkward between us as she hardly spoke any English and I couldn't speak Chinese. The color I picked was called Feelin' Hot-Hot-Hot, which was somewhat like hot pink.

Saturday; 28th of November- We went to watch New Moon. Honestly, I loveathe Twilight. So yeah, the movie sucked like crazie. Oh-em-gee.

That's pretty much all I could remember for nao. Today we went to Sunway to shop again. LOL! Anyway, I guess most of you have noticed that I've changed my blogskin. I need your opinions, everyone! Which do you think is better? My current black skin or my previous pink/white/gray one? ): I couldn't decide 'cause having a black background is much harder to upload images, while I'm getting bored of my previous one already.
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