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Ba-da Ba Ba-da
Monday, 14 December 2009, 11:25 pm

I've been roaming around, I was looking down at all I see,
Painted faces fill the spaces I can't reach.
You know that I could use somebody,
someone like you and all you know and how you speak.

Hi! I'm keeping myself really busy this holidays, and I hate to admit that the holidays are awfully short and time is passing by really quickly. It's already mid-December nao, in a couple of weeks' time it would be new year 2010 already. I haven't got the time to go to school to claim my report card + buy my new exercise books yet. My latest exam results are extremely horrendous I'm afraid that my parents might just leave me on the streets. I promised myself that I would work insanely hard next year to get straight A's and at least a B2 for Chinese for PMR, if it's the last thing I do. I'm also going to apply for the ASEAN scholarship to Singapore and work extremely hard for the test and effing get the scholarship. Oh yeah, next year is gonna be a pretty hectic year.

Speaking of the new year, I want to go for something nobody else in school has the guts to do yet. Like a new piercing, since everyone in school has a double ear piercing already. Actually I wanted to get a nose piercing like Hayley Williams and the rest of the band in Paramore, but my parents don't permit it because they were afraid of the "permanent hole" on my nose. A touge piercing is pretty too, but I'm afraid of infection and I guess that it can get kind of aggravating when you eat. Plus, I think that I have too much "metal" in my mouth for now, thanks to my braces. Mmm.. Maybe the Auricle piercing?

I'm starting to take a fancy to things that I was never really fond of last time. Like I'm starting to like the color black a lot now, I don't know why. Maybe it's because I've been looking at my blog too much. I'm also starting to get addicted to coke ever since my aunt gave us a whole dozen of leftover coke from my cousin's wedding!
Oh, by the way, Vampire Diaries is . :D
( trying to forget someone you loved is like trying to remember someone you never knew )
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