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I'm Your Biggest Fan
Tuesday, 17 November 2009, 9:38 pm

Annyeong-haseyo! ^__^
I haven't been blogging a lot lately because I have yet to find something interesting to blog about. And yeah, I admit that I'm also awfully too lazy. Hehe..
There's really nothing much that's interesting going on in my life. Besides our potluck party, I also have my Christmas trip to Singapore to look forward to. Oh, and my cousin's wedding on the 5th of December as well. This is my first time attending a wedding in an awfully long time, my mom says that my sister and I get to pick out a semi-formal dress for it. (: Excited! Haha!
Jennifer, Mei Yee and I were the only girls who went to school today, excluding Shaza and Ros Aida of course. We were still planning the potluck party with the guys though, Wee Ren wants some 'interesting activities' we can do during the party besides watching a movie. There will be planty of food and booze though, ohyeahbaybeh. I hope I won't have to bring home any leftoverrrs. >___<

I know I was supposed to blog about my settling in a new house a few months ago. But if I do now, I'll have to post up a whole bunch of pictures and then my blog will lag. ): So, I finally decided to create a Flickr account and upload all the pictures there instead. I'll share my URL with everyone once I've finished uploading. Actually, I'm thinking of redecorating my room again since every thing is so messy now. Ever since we've moved though, we pretty much follow up the same routine every weekend. We either go to
The Curve Ikano Power Centre iOi Mall or The Summit
It doesn't get boring though. Actually, I can't wait to go to The Curve again to go to Debenhams + Kitschen to buy that pair of hot pink slacks I should have bought the week before. Oh, and I have been indulging myself with delish bubble tea every time whenever I go to Summit. It's slightly pricey though. I've also learned that there's actually a Daiso here at Malaysia. Five, to be exact. Though of course, the Daiso stores in Singapore is wayy more interesting than the ones here. They sell Hello Kitty stationery in the Daiso stores over at Singapore! And yeah, Daiso SG is a S$2 store while here Daiso MY is a RM5 store. The difference in price is quite big lorh.
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