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Guilty Pleasure
Wednesday, 4 November 2009, 8:46 pm

I want you to know, that it doesn't matter where we take this road, someone's gotta go. And I want you to know, you couldn't have loved me better. But I want you to move on, so I'm already gone. You know that I love you so, I loved you enough to let you go.
It feels as if I hadn't blogged on a school night in ages! And ohyeahbaybeh, we all know that I'm finally updating so frequently again because my finals are finally over. Our last papers were Maths, Art and Moral yesterday. Everyone in school practically screamed when the exams were over. I felt so relieved too, but I was so worried that I might have screwed up a few of my papers. And I still am. ):
Anyway, we pretty much had fun the whole day in school today, and I brought my camera along. While we watched the other poor suckers carry a whole bunch of SPBT text books to return, JD and I were doing our usual drills again following people around and irritating Pn. Latiffah + the guys. Haha!
For the first time in my whole entire blogging history, I shall let the pictures do the talking. LOL!

Su Ann + Ngee Jin helping out Pn. Latiffah.

JD and the guys playing our "homemade" Monopoly. I really envy whoever that came up with such a crazy idea.

Min Rui as the banker. See how they play! Instead of cash they use calculator to play!
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It's so frustrating having to upload so many pictures all at once, don't you think? Anyway, while they were playing Monopoly I heard this unbelievably horrendous music coming from the Malay mother efftards who were sitting right across us. Practically the whole entire class couldn't stand the sight of them, so yeah, it was pretty obvious that Zheng Yi went to tell on the loser that brought his phone. It was pretty obvious that he brought his phone just to show off, and it was an awfully stupid thing to do since our school has this really strict rule about us bringing our phones to school. Even if he did, he could at least do it the right away and not let those who hold a grudge against him see it. But if that's the case, where's all the fun? We were supposed to have a spotcheck, but then the lousyass prefects came right after Pn. Tah came to look for the suckah's phone herself. He stupidly hid it in the dustbin, which is normally everyone's first place to look 'cause it was obviously filled up on purpose. When the prefects heard that they were too late and the guys were swearing, some Form 1 pengawas gave us bitchy and threatening looks. Pfft, like it was our fault that we found the phone before she did. CB kia.
P.S. 사랑해요, Gabe.
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