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I Couldn't Resist
Wednesday, 21 October 2009, 11:07 am

Hi everyone! :D
I just had the sudden urge to open up my blog again, I'll still be on hiatus until sometime around the 6th of October though, when my year end exams ends. So, yeah, hopefully all my readers will help out to keep this blog alive while I'm gone! I have to get ready for school in 5 minutes' time, the clock at the sidebar of my laptop is making me so nervous it's disgusting. Oh, and while my blog was still closed down I also submitted a new blogskin. Click here please! Do your usual stuff, yes? Comment, download and fave! My skin got SOTD, I couldn't possibly be happier! Hmmm.. Well, there's nothing much that I can post now with such limited time, therefore I shall upload a decade-old picture to make my post seem interesting. Haha! Till then, everyone!

A bunch of magnetish bookmarks we bought from school.
Oh, no! I'm late by 9 minutes! And I haven't even decide what to have for lunch yet either. All these nervous typing is making me hungry! And I'm so sorry to those at the tagboard, all the tags from weeks ago which I have yet to reply. I'll reply them when my exam is over, okay? By the way, go listen to Good Girls Go Bad by Cobra Starship! It's my current addiction. Go watch the MV too while you're at it! :D
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