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Outside; I'm Masquerading
Saturday, 12 September 2009, 5:25 pm

Hello everyone! I'm waiting for all the videos we took of our presentation to finish uploading. It has been hours and yet there is still so much more to upload! I'm so excited to blog about it in my next post. LOL.. (:
I've been neglecting my studies + pretty much all my homework for the past few weeks, mainly because I was too busy writing the script for our presentation. Well, you'd do the same, too, if you were me. Jack Wann asks me the exact same question every single time first thing whenever he sees me, which, apparently, happen to be, "Script xie wan liao mah?". Yes, it does get kind of scary after a while. We did our first presentation on Tuesday, and we totally screwed it up as everyone was so nervous and there was no script for the ending. Well, some of us (mainly, Jia Deng, Jack Wann and I) weren't really satisfied with the marks Pn. Goh gave us, so we re-did it again on Friday. And the rest of it, I shall keep it a mystery until the videos are ready. ^_________^
Oh, 132 minutes 'till Part 2 of our Phantom of the Opera parody finish uploading! Aren't you just so excited?! :D

Ed Westwick, my new drug. *Uber chio*
Ed Westwick, better known as Chuck Bass from Gossip Girl. Yes yes, I like Nate, too! I don't really like Dan though. Dan always has this really stoned 'alienish' look on his face. I'm so addicted to Gossip Girl now! Ahahaaa... Our monthly tests are next week already, believe it or not. I'm actually kind of surprised that I'm still here blogging instead of studying. Last week, I bought a Boys Over Flowers magazine for $6. I don't really know why either. I love to indulge myself with magazines now. Inside there's posters, posters and many posters! There's also really chio looking postcards, and notebook papers with the guys' faces printed on them. :D
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