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Oh, Spin My Wheel
Monday, 31 August 2009, 9:48 am

Aaaand I'm back! :D
I admit that I haven't been a very good blogger lately, not updating frequently and all, and I feel really, really bad about it. Well, hopefully this comeback (with a new blogskin!) will make up for it. I barely have the time to blog these days, and I doubt I'll be blogging every single day anytime soon, since we have another exam coming up in about two weeks' time. I promised myself that I'll do well in Maths this time. Well, I wouldn't have done so if my Maths teacher hasn't been threatening me. So, today's the last day of our holidays, yet I still feel like I need a long-term break. All the moving and emptying boxes are giving me a major headache. Okay, it's been a month or two since I've moved in, but all my things are still unpacked... Well, I have a lot of things!

Believe me, that's just the tip of my iceberg.
The weather here has been unbelievably sick lately, what with the flu and all, I feel so tired and restless all the time and don't have the energy to clear my stuff nor write the script for our English presentation. It pretty much took me half of the holidays to finish it. Trust me, I've been holding my group back for long enough. This presentation thingy is gonna be quite fun, I guess.
Oh, and guess what? I've highlighted my hair red this holidays. I think it's really awesummm and I love it! It's temporary, of course. Every single strand of red has to be washed off for school, you know! Also, my hair is finally uber short now, as I went to cut it last week. I know, Jun Mae is gonna kill me when she sees it. But it's not that short, really. I'm still gonna tie it to school every day, my tail will just be wayyy shorter. LOL. Which reminds me, I don't have the slightest idea what homework we have. I think I'm coming down with a fever or something.
Anyway, we just got back from Kuantan, Pahang last night. Lately AJ and I have been singing Jalur Gemilang 24/7. The song's just stuck inside my head, what can I say? I pretty much learnt the whole song already... after the singing competition. The singing competition sucked to the core, I swear. Everyone in 2FK forgot the lyrics for the song, and we all stood there on stage totally stoned! It turns out my singing Jalur Gemilang non-stop is capable of driving people out of their minds. The day before yesterday, daddy took AJ and I to the beach to wander around. Well, we were in major shock when we got back telling every AJ's phone is lost at sea. Uh-huh. AJ, apparently, God knows how, really, dropped her phone into the ocean. We waited for about half an hour expecting to float back up to shore. But that was a joke since AJ's phone weighed a million. It's probably buried in between sand right now, not functioning anymore. Believe me, I tried calling it a couple of times already. AJ's phone is never off. Poor AJ. It's not every day someone's phone is lost at sea, you know.
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