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Getting Down Dirty
Saturday, 19 September 2009, 10:40 pm

This is awesome, 10 more days until Paramore's new album, Brand New Eyes, is officially released! Yes, I am an awfully loyal fan of Paramore. Ahaha.. Speaking of the date of the album release, come to think of it, it's 8 more days until Lick Yin's birthday, which makes it 9 days until mine. LOL..
It's the time we've all been waiting replacing for, the Hari Raya holidays, now. I think it's totally worth it, having going to school a couple of times on a Saturday (when no one attends), and us who don't celebrate Hari Raya gets a whole week off. Well, I'm planning to use this holidays *cough* wisely *cough* to buck up on my studies. After finishing clearing all my stuff first, of course. Well, as it turns out, Jack Wann (who I proudly remind you of as the guy who doesn't know what a prune is) totally excelled me with his results this time round. I promised him that I will never let that happen again first thing when I found out. I didn't really put in a lot of effort in my exams this time round, that pretty much explains the suckish results I got back. Though I'm really happy to have (yet again) passed my Maths. Gosh, I hate Maths + anything to do with numbers! ):
Anyway, the good news is that I have finally sealed the deal with Jack Wann about the whole i-hate-you-because-you-always-accuse-me fight. I'll put it this way, we had a lot of kiddy fights before. LOL. I'm waiting for Episode 11 of Gossip Girl to finish loading, and it's taking a really long time. For what I've seen so far, Blair and Nate (if you haven't noticed the banner up there already) are still my favourite couple even after watching the show. I didn't like Serenate (Serena and Nate) in the book series either. Chair (Chuck and Blair) are still okay and bareable, since Blair and Chuck has a little bit of "chemistry" going on, and the fact that they both are so in love with each other. But Vanessa and Nate together? Vanessa and Nate together is an eyesore, zomg. Honestly, I'd rather have Nate die in the end than end up with Vanessa, ew. I guess I just have something against ang-mohs with well, black hair. Or maybe ang-mohs with the name Vanessa, like how I can't stand Vanessa Hudgens (who also has black hair), too.

Oh, and by the way, check out Paramore's new song Ignorance from their upcoming new album! (:
[update] Ahh, shucks! The video I originally posted up got deleted. Click on the "Turn off Annotations" button to watch the video without the red box covering it. [/update]
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