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Where the Lines Overlap
Sunday, 14 June 2009, 11:29 pm

Oh no, school is starting again tomorrow, so it's time to kiss good bye all the amazinggg shopping sprees, late nights && waking up during the afternoon. And I haven't even done any of my homework yet! God knows what homework do we actually have. We spent the whole entire today in one light shop, where we bought most of the lights needed for our new house. I wanted something like a chandelier in my room, which costs somewhere around RM400? I finally managed to persuade my parents into getting it for me. But then, unfortunately, they forgot to write down the model number of my light in the receipt. So dissapointing! Anyways, I have finally finished doing my dumb Geography project! I'm more concern now about how am I gonna keep all the papers together, since we couldn't bind it. Gosh, I really can't figure some people out some times. If you want us to help save the environment, it doesn't help if we don't bind our project, it helps wayyy more if we don't have to do it at all. Less paper to be used && less trees to be chopped down, no? LOL.. I promised myself that I will get in the top 10 for my placement in class for the next exam. So, I really have to work harder, especially on Maths, zomg. I hate Maths! Anyway, time to get ready for school already! I'll edit this post again, if I have time after school. Oh, do support me by clicking here, please and thank you! Byeee! :D

Omigosh, I still cringe whenever I think about it! Today we had our class photo taken in school, and I was standing in between Su Ann && Marion. When we were taking the informal shot, Marion && Su Ann planned to do something to me when the photo was being taken, which left me looking absolutely stoned in the shot. Ewwww.. I was even standing in the middle! I wonder how bad to shot will turn out.. School was okay today, I guess. For the whole day, things pretty much went on like this:
"Where's Christine? She never come?"
"Yep, she didn't come to school today."
"Really? Why? She sick?
"No lah, she transfer school already."
"Serious? No joke? Or she didn't come yeah?"
"No, really. She changed to another school."
"Ohh... So sad. What school did she transfer to?"
"Tenby International"
"Huh??? Where is that? Ohh.. So, seriously no joke yeah?"
"Nope. God knows what school is that."
We barely did anything today as the teachers were busy marking && giving out our test papers. Pn. Phang didn't even enter class today. Bwahahaha! The saddest thing is, we have another exam coming up around two weeks from now. Yikes. I have to work harder this time! I'm pretty satisfied with the papers I got today, as most of them are A's. I'm so lucky. Anyway, I'm trying to reduce the number of pictures I upload here at my blog so that it won't lag so much. So, hopefully my posts won't bore you out. Oh, click on the big YouTube URL above, really worth the wait! It's my current favourite Paramore song, so awesome!
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