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Oh, So Lovely!
Tuesday, 9 June 2009, 8:09 pm

Hmmmm.. Basically, I think that Steph's site is undeniably oh-so lovelyyy. There's so much to say about her awesummmmm site, I don't even know where to start! :D
I remember the very first time I stumbled onto her pink site (back when her URL was still http://puremilky.co.nr), I was still using her Box Of Nice Things blogskin. I loved loved loved her blog + the blogskins she made so much I used it for almost a whole entire year! I like the fact that Steph updates her blog very frequently, as I have to admit that I am one of her many readers. Hehee.. Plus, her blogskins just keep gettin' better and better, you'd think that there's no way anyone breathing could come up with better blogskins than her. At least that's what I think. Steph is a really famous blogger, God knows, she might be the next Xiaxue as she already has like, 84 followers. LOL..
I think Steph has a really cool personality, too. She's really generous although she's encountered many, many, many rippers && copycats, which has to be quite frustrating. She gives out Photoshop tutorials that can really come in handy to those who are really lost when it comes to photo editting, like me. Plus, her tutorials are really simple and easy to understand, too. I think it's really nice of her to go through all the trouble to blog in English, and not Filipino or Tagalog, so her daily readers who aren't from the Phillipines would understand her posts. I'm not from Phillipines either, but gusto ko ang Pilipinas. I think it's really unique there. Bwahaha..
Steph's blog has moved from many URL's to another, from Blogger to Wordpress, and from Wordpress to Blogger. Though right 'till now, she still has truckloads of readers. Her blog has inspired many people to blog, too. And I'm pretty sure her blog has also inspired many people to create their own blogskins. If it weren't for her, I probably would still be stuck using Blogger's XHTML layouts, which are so so complicated.
One thing that I like best about Steph's blog is that she rarely uses vulgar words, especially the one word that starts with an "f" and ends with a "k". I think that word is really, really, very lame and is only used by wannabe's that think it's cool to say that word. Well, it's not. That's one thing some people really gotta learn.
Steph's site contains a lot of really cool colors. I'd bet that loads of blogskinners get color inspirations from her site. Steph is also Lee Min Ho's #1 fan, so I guess her readers have something to relate to her about. Other Lee Min Ho fans can also get additional information about the dude from her site. :D

P.S. Will update soon! :D
Can't wait to update about my Singapore shopping spreeeee!! :D
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