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My Heart Is Yours
Wednesday, 24 June 2009, 11:01 pm

I am nothing now. And it's been so long, since I've heard the sound of my only hope. This time, I will be listening. Sing us a song, and we'll sing it back to you. We could sing our own, but what would it be without you? This heart, it beats for only you.

Hello! It's 11.08 in the morning right now, and I'm here blogging on the sly. Bwahaha! I'm so so addicted && in love with Paramore's My Heart, it just gets better and better the more I hear it. Plus, the lyrics are superb awesummmmm! Loveless or not, you'll love the song, too. Haha..
We just got the news from Alyssa yesterday during PE that every one of us has to buy RM50 worth of coupons for our school's upcoming carnival. What am I to do with so much coupons? Our carnival is next Sunday, and I was so so planning to meet up with Sumin && Mel but they couldn't make it. Awwww... So disappointing! Hopefully we get to meet up again soon. Honestly, I think it's pretty unfair the fact that all of us have to spend 50 bucks on some school carnival coupons. Well, not everyone can afford that, right? This is a carnival after all, and if parents are willing to, they'll contribute as much money as they want to the school willingly,without having to be forced. That's just my own opinion though.
Anyway, school has been pretty fun the past week, I guess. Though things have gotten a bit messed up since yesterday. We finally took our Photography Club picture on Monday in the hall. We hung around in the hall for a whole period waiting for En. Ardi, where we got ourselves caught up with a green-eyed cat. Our school's PIBG threw cheap chocolate at us during assembly, too. ):
The other day when I was going through my drawers, wardrobes, etc. etc. looking for my mini torch light so I get to read in the dark, I found a bunch of old old stuff back from primary school. I was kind of surprised as I was convinced that I gave them all away. Okay, so I admit that I have done many, many crazy things back then in primary school. But then again, who ever said that I was sane?
I found a whole bunch of old biodata books, one which I remember I had during Std. 6, was filled up with letters written by my ex-classmates. Hell, I was a really good listener back in primary school, and people tend to come up to me ranting && asking me for advice. I never understood why either. Back then, I even owned an exercise book where people would write down their problems, and I would reply them back in the book, giving them advice. Psycho, no? Though it probably wasn't such a bad idea back then as many people wrote to me && the book is nearly filled up. Hehe..
I admit that I grew up wanting to be an artist. No, not the kind of artist who draws or paints or whatever. I've always wanted to be a singer, God knows why. But I believe that I shared the same passion with my primary school buddy, Tsui San. Trust me, we've done the dumbest things together! I found another book on one of my shelves in my study room, I remembered the green book Tsui San and I used to carry around all over the place. You'll never be able to guess what filled the whole book up... Self-written songs! Believe it or not, Tsui San and I have written many songs together over the past years, and honestly.... They're not really that good. Okay, they suck. Though most of the songs written by me were dedicated to a certain someone. Hmmmm... You'll never be able to guess who he/she is, trust me. (:
Besides songs, Tsui San was fond of writing poems; And I wrote stories. I was pretty good at it, too. I stopped writing during Std. 6 as everyone in class started to write, too, and insisted that they started it first and wanted me to stop. It got really frustrating after a while. I dare say that I've been writing since I was seven, and my first story is the dumbest one yet. Ate Joey, Kee Yen && I were planning on putting on a play for Ching Ling to see, and the night before, we each wrote a story of the same title, "The Princess, The Guard, and The Tailor". I laugh every time I read it, my spelling was hor-ri-ble back then.
Once upon a time, there was a princess, guard, and a tailor. That princess'es name is Amia, the guard's name is Rendy and the tailor's name is Sabrina.

Suddenly, Rendy saw a goblin going to the castle, Rendy try to catch him but the goblin was too fast. Rendy walk slowly to tell Amia that he is sorry that the couldn't catch the goblin.

Sabrina panic'ed and she cald the police to infesticate the castle, she also cald more guards to take care of the castle. And suddenly Sabrina heard skreaming from the attic.

After reading the note, Sabrina asked a few pupils what shall she do. No one knows. Sabrina used her big brain to think what to do, and she has an idea.
Stupid, right? Spelling && grammar mistakes were left there on purpose. I'm not that retarded. I remember that I was the princess, Kee Yen the guard && Ate Joey the tailor. God knows why I picked the name Amia, Kee Yen Rendy. Ate Joey used to love the name Sabrina.
I've written many, many stories so far, and three which I like best are This Is Our Playground (2006), Knocking on Heaven's Door (2006) and Strumming Some Heartstrings (2008- Last year). My most successful && oldest one was This Is Our Playground. I've written it about three times already, thinking that the previous one isn't good enough. Kai Xian, Tracy, Irene and Yin Xuan used to love it. Kai Xian declared it as the first ever story he really read that has no pictures. Bwahaha! I remember Eugene && Kien How always attempting to rip my books apart. Jealousy, maybe? Hehe.. God knows.
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