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I Love Rock an' Roll
Saturday, 13 June 2009, 11:11 pm

I saw him dancin' there by the record machine,
I knew he must'a been 'bout seventeen.
The beat was going strong; Playing my favourite song;
I love rock an' roll,
So put another dime in the jukebox, baby.
I love rock an' roll,
So come an' take your time an' dance with me.

Hello, all! We just got back from shopping all the way from Puchong. Shopping for lights && furniture, that is. My new house is almost ready, so we're most probably moving at the end of July, maybe? Can't wait! I guess I've never mentioned in my blog before about how unbelievably pink my new room is. Bwahahaha! Honestly, I actually took a picture of my new pink room and wanted to post it up here at my blog. But then, I guess I just got lazy. The picture is still in my camera anyways. LOL..
Gosh, I just realized how hard it is to blog while listening to an awesome Paramore song at the same time! I can barely concentrate on what the heck I'm typing here. Paramore's new album is coming out this September. Zomg. I've already heard two of the new songs on the album. It's great. Hopefully, it'll be even better than Riot!, which is already so so amazingggg..
Anyways, we went back to Singapore last weekend to go shopping, as there was a big big sale going on there. Hehe.. The sales this time round wasn't as great as last year when Singapore was in 'recession'. Owh well.. We arrived at Singapore last Friday at around three in the afternoon. We left pretty early, I guess. But there was a mad jam at the Singapore custom. We went straight to West Coast road to drop off our stuff and pick Aunty Penny up for lunch first thing we did when we passed custom before heading to IMM. Hmmm.. I bought a loads clothes there, mostly from the Esprit outlet store, something you can't find here at Malaysia. We spent pretty much the whole day in IMM, then we had dinner at Clementi Road, where we shopped some more at all the little shops there. It was pretty late already at that time, so we ended up hanging around at the 24 hour NTUC at Clementi. LOL..
On Saturday, we spent the whole entire day in Takashimaya. God knows what we did there for so long, zomg. We found a Hello Kitty outlet store by AYE West Coast Road on the way back to the apartment, so we stopped by for a while. Heee.. It was really late already after dinner at Avenue 2, so we went to Cold Storage to look around. Hahaaa.. Our trip to Singapore was pretty short this time, as my brother had class on Monday. We had to leave on Sunday, though we managed to shop a little more on Sunday. We parked at Lucky Plaza and walked all the wayyyyy down to Borders, where I bought Meg Cabot's new book, Airhead- Being Nikki. I feel so stupid, as I stupidly bought the second book of Airhead, when I haven't even read the first yet. We walked to John Little, which was sooooo far away, after that. On the way, we had yummy ice-cream in bread, something Singapore is damn famous for. There was nothing that caught my eye at John Little, unlike last year. We walked over to Robinsons after that.
We went down to Petaling Street the next day to get Hello Kitty stuff. Hehe..
Pictures! Hopefully my blog won't laggg! :D

The stuff I bought altogether! :D

The golden Hello Kitty is actually a piggy bank with Kitty jelly inside it, the other Hello Kitty next to it is a Hello Kitty dustbin. LOL.. The Hello Kitty head in front of it is just a cup my dad brought home for me. :D

Hello Kitty key chain, Hello Kitty pen, Hello Kitty pencil holder, Hello Kitty sharpener, Hello Kitty watch (I bought this last year in Singapore during Christmas), and the seal key chain someone gave me from Cards & Such.

Hello Kitty purse from Petaling Street. The other pink purse I bought from Takashimaya. Love love it! :D

My banana pencil box from Takashimaya, Airhead- Being Nikki from Borders (damn cheap in Singapore!), and a badge from IMM. :D

I finally bought Converse shoes. Two, in fact, from IMM. :D

Lace mates, from Cards & Such. So expensive, I only could afford to buy one. ):

Cookies from Takashimaya. One tub's for Emma. :D
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