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I Am A Monkey
Monday, 1 June 2009, 5:29 pm

Hello! I know I'm a little behind time but whatever, midyear exams are finally over!! Hello hello, two weeks of holidays && Singapore shopping, here I come! Sorry for neglecting my blog for almost a month. I buried myself with books for the past few weeks, and now I'm finally freeeeee... I'm officially back to blogging anyways. :D
There's so much to update about I don't know where to start! I have loads of pictures to upload, too, so hopefully my blog won't lag like mad!
We celebrated Teachers' Day last Friday in school in the morning. At the same time, we also celebrated Marion's birthday, which was on the day before. So, heppy belated birthday to you, Marion! Teachers' Day was okay, I guess. We killed time by watching performances in the hall && talking like there's no tomorrow before the performances started in the canteen. I brought my camera to school, so we managed to take some pictures of the performances. We were sitting quite far back, so sorry for the poor image quality!!

Marion the birthday girl.

The first performance of the day.

The teachers of our school sang some weird Teachers' Day song.

I can't remember what song these two were singing. Though I know that they didn't sound very good.

They started off okay, singing Mariah Carey's song, Hero. But then it got worse and worse, then finally, completely out of tune. They should have known better, not everyone can pull off a Mariah Carey song.

This performance wasn't any better than the previous one. It was wayyy worse, as they were a little tooo ambitious.

The last performance of the day was a fashion show by the teachers. I took loads of pictures, too, but if I upload all of them, my blog would take an hour to load. LOL.. Also, the image quality for the fashion show was really, really, really very poor as my legs were hurting like hell for sitting for so long. I made a mistake for not wearing baju kurung that day. Awww..
There was a Popular book store fair going on the other day in Summit. The prices of everything there was unbelievably cheap, so who could help but to buy a thing or two there? The book Avalon High by Meg Cabot was sold there, too. I bought mine when I was like, Std. 4 for around RM35 for the soft cover version, yesterday I bought the hard cover version for only RM16!! The normal price for the hard cover one was around RM50-RM60, the one I bought yesterday had 70% discount. My old Avalon High was pretty spoiled anyway, since I lent it to many people last time. Plus, it's one of my favorite books! We spent like, more than an hour running around && digging for good stuff like mad! LOL..

I love love love the Stitch && the dolphin toy!! I go crazy each time I look at it. It's soooo cute!! My Avalon High at the bottom. Under the Avalon High, I also bought a book on Hello Kitty productions. Hehehe!

Hello Kitty's first ever product. A coin purse! :D

Bought these two for my temporary "lesbian partner". I love these two pictures, they make it seem like I have amazing photo shooting skills. LOL..

Yesterday, we went all the way to Sungai Buloh for a baby cactus hunt. I love love love baby cactus 'cause they're just so damn cute! I don't have to spend time taking care of it either, && I only have to water it once a month. I'm doing an experiment with the cactus I bought yesterday. Will the cactus become thinner if it doesn't have enough water?? Heeeeee!!

Mini cactus!
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