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This Heart Beats For Only You
Friday, 8 May 2009, 12:17 pm

Hehehe! I {heart} Kris Allen from American Idol!! :D
I got so inspired to blog after watching American Idol yesterday. They were showing eliminations for the Top 4 already, and my Krissie made it to the Top 3! Yay! It's so sad though, to see Allison leave. I honestly thought that she'd leave wayyyy before Alexis Grace at first, but turns out she actually made it that far. I still think that Alexis Grace is anytime better than Allison though. It's such a pity to see Alexis leave so early. I don't hate Allison though, it's Adam Lambert that I seriously can't stand.
Anyway, we all thought Kris would leave this week as it was Rock Week, and Kris and Danny didn't do so well. Danny was slightly better than Kris. He just got lucky 'cause he has so many fans, I guess. I'd use up my 30 dollars worth of credit to vote for him, too, if I was in the U.S. He is sooo worth it, and I sooo do not want Adam Lambert to win. Hey, even if Adam Lambert doesn't win, we all know that he's (for sure) going to have an album, no? So, why not give the others a shot and let them win instead? ):
Chris Daughtry appeared on American Idol to perform yesterday, as a couple of years back he got eliminated from American Idol during the Top 4 eliminations, too. Chris Daughtry is doing so well right now, and so are Elliot Yanmin and Katherine McPhee, even better than Taylor Hicks (the winner of that year's American Idol). Taylor Hicks shouldn't have won that year. He's so stupid. I've never even heard a single song of his on the radio before.

Hey look! That's Kris Allen! :D
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