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Because You're Killing Me...
Sunday, 3 May 2009, 3:44 pm

Hi. I'm back to blogging again! I've finally finished all my projects + my Sejarah notes (Bab 3, Bab 4 && Bab 5). Weeee~ Though I won't be updating much for the next few weeks either 'cause Midyear exams are coming. Oh no, and I haven't even started studying yet!
Anyway, guess what? I downloaded Photoscape a couple of days ago although I already have Adobe Photoshop. I just thought the icons at Photoscape were cute and could come in handy some day, so I downloaded it. Haha.. I have to admit that Photoscape is for little newbies. All you have to do in Photoscape, unlike Adobe Photoshop, is drag and drop. You don't have to adjust anything or create a new layer to make animations or anything. In Photoscape, when you're about to make an animation, all you have to do is drag the pictures you want to combine into an animation, adjust the timing, then there you have it! In Adobe Photoshop, you have to create a new layer, switch the layers into animation frames, etc. Photoscape is veryyyyy easy to use though.
I've decided which shade of pink I should paint my walls already! I've decided on Tearose since the master bedroom is going to be Rosepetal, and Cherry Blossom is a little too dark. I went to my new house the other day to see how the renovation is doing, so here are some pictures of the inside of the house. A little dark though, && I couldn't upload all of them or my blog will lag like mad. Oh yeah, the pictures were labeled using Photoscape! :D

Shot from the main door. That's the living room, the dining room, the second dining room, and part of the kitchen all the way inside. Our floor tiles have been removed.

Living room.

The stairs. So scary to walk on without the handle!

LOL.. I have loads of pictures more, and I promise to upload them all up after my house is ready. Then I can combine the 'before' and 'after' pictures for y'all to see. (:
ZOMG~ Paramore's third album will be out sometime during September this year! I want! I want! But awww... If the third album comes out before I get The Final Riot, which do I pick to buy first? O_______O
Hayley says, "Most of the songs you'll hear have to do with friendship. In fact, this is the first Paramore album that wasn't written mostly about love relationships. I have made a lot of friends and I've lost a lot of friends over the past couple of years... And it's all gonna be there for you to dissect."

Saranghaeyo Ajushi { Big Bang- Dae Sung

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I've finally submitted my third skin! Yay! It's not much difference than the previous one, just the main image and the colors. Please support me by rating && commenting if you have an account there! If you don't, you can help me out by downloading the skin. Thank you! :D
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