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Sunday, 19 April 2009, 1:11 pm

(click on the image to enlarge)

I was browsing Yanwei's blog, and oh la la, look at what I found! A Hello Kitty chalet located at Taiwan! Awww... I wanna go there, too! I found loads of pictures of the inside of the chalet, and in each room, you get a Hello Kitty plushie for free. :D
Anyway, sorry for not updating for like, two whole weeks. The past two weeks has been super hectic because of all the projects + preparations for Sports Day. Our Sports Day finally ended yesterday, and like the past two years, I was busy selling marshmallows with chocolate. Though we also sold lollipops and iced lemon tea this year, too. We made a total amount of RM108 and a few cents. Business wasn't very good for us at the beginning as our stall was at the wrong area, and our tent had been stolen by some people. Chrissy helped us out this year as she 'sprained' her leg, so she couldn't perform for her Green House senamrobik. And if I'm not mistaken, Green House didn't get last place for senamrobik although they only had one month's practice. Purple House did. I'm in Purple House myself, but I honestly think that Purple House deserves to be last because of how unfair all the teachers and AJK of our house are. Anyway, Amanda and Zhiou Ru came to our Sports Day && I didn't go to tuition yesterday. Yey! :D

Our retarded sign for our marshmallows done by some retard whose name I shall not mention. God knows where our sign for the lollipops and the iced lemon tea is. LOL..
Chrissy went home early at around 12. As we didn't have a tent because it was stolen, we had to clean up our stall under the hot hot sun. I got much tanner in just a few hours, and you have no idea how funny my hand looks when I take off my watch. Thanks to Lick Yin, Brandon and Zheng Yi (all three who are from my primary school class) for helping us carry the chairs & tables around, for selling the stuff for us, for keeping Jennifer company while Chrissy and I weren't there, etc. To Jennifer, who didn't leave the stall although no girls were there to accompany her, for helping us to sell, clean up & give away all the freebies. Oh, and sorry, Zheng Yi, for not saving any freebies for you. Hehehe.. While we were cleaning up under the hot hot sun, Pn. See was just standing there beside us, seriously just standing there, not helping, bossing us around to do this, and that, and this, and that... We know lah, we're not primary school kids, okayyyyyyy..
Zheng Yi was missing in action for a while, then he came back bearing himself, Brandon, Lick Yin, Jennifer, and I free ice-cream. Sorry, Marion, no ice-cream for you. LOL..
Most of you should know by now that I'll be moving into a new house pretty soon, and I'll be getting my own room. My new house is still under renovation, in the meantime, I'm supposed to pick what color I want my room wall color to be. I've decided on pink. But then...

Which shade of pink should I choose? Rosepetal, Tearose, or Cherry Blossom? Tag at my tagboard and let me know what you think. (:

Pink stationery set #2. :D
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