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Baby, Just Say Yes
Wednesday, 1 April 2009, 9:20 pm

oh yea, that's the giant muffin i've been talking about lately...

I know I'm supposed to be studying or either doing my homework instead of blogging right now, but whatever. I still have loads of Sejarah notes + Geography exercises left for me to complete. Oh, geeeezzz, give us a break, please? ):
Chrissy (with an extra 's') missed school again on Monday because she was sick, so I asked Marion to move front to sit with me. Half-way through, we got into a prettyyy interesting conversation about life. I'd post the whole conversation up if I can actually remember it, but sadly, I don't. Though I do remember parts of it, so please don't kill me if it's not right.
Me: Marion, what do you want to be when you grow up?
Marion: I don't know. Why? You leh?
Me: I want to do law, either that or I want to do politics. That is, if I stay in Malaysia lah. If I go overseas, I want to be a director.
Marion: Ohh... Then, next time after form six, we go to my Church University and do law together, want?
Me: I don't know. See first. I think I'll most likely do politics. I want to make a difference here if I continue staying in Malaysia next time, 'cause 'you-know-what-lah'. I want to be the first Chinese Prime Minister! ^________^
Honestly, I didn't expect those words to come out from myself. Anyway, today we had English and while waiting for our turn to do our oral test (we do in groups), Pn. Goh gave us work to do in our Green Book, so we wouldn't be too loud. My Green Book is practically empty, besides my favorite essay of the year (also the only essay I actually wrote this year). So, I started reading my essay again for the dunnohowmany millionth time. I love my essay! Here's why:

(my handwriting is super tiny, so click on the image to enlarge)

I've blurred out parts of the essay that I don't want everyone to see, so just focus on that particular sentence that is clearer than the others. Mind me, I'm still learning to use the 'Quick Selection Tool' in Photoshop. It's so damn hard to make a perfect selection, man! Though I've tried my best to make it look nice. Oh, and yes, I stupidly scanned my essay, instead of taking a picture of it with my camera. Don't ask me why! I recently got a new printer that includes a scanner, so I like to scan stuff every chance I get! It's fascinating... By the way, what's with Plurk shutting down??
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