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Oh, barnacles!
Wednesday, 18 March 2009, 3:20 pm

Hello! I'm finally back to blogging after going on hiatus for about a week. With a new blogskin, tooooooooo! I love love lurrrrvvvvveeeee my new blogskin truckloads! So, I don't think I'll be submitting this one to blogskins.com anytime soon, since I'm gonna use it as my personal skin. Spongebob is kawai, no?

Anyway, I'm currently watching Boys Over Flowers, the Korean version. So far, I still think that the Japanese version (the original one) is still the best comparing to the Korean and the Taiwanese ones. Mostly because I like Junnie Jun Jun.. (Matsumoto Jun)~

Saranghaeyo Ajushi { Big Bang- TOP

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I've finally decided to submit the TOP blogskin I made a few weeks ago. Do rate && comment if you have an account there. If you don't, help me out by downloading. You can download as many times as you want. ^________^

I went to cut my hair yesterday, and sadly, the results didn't turn out as I expected. It wasn't completely my fault either, the hairdresser was a guy and didn't know how to deal with my not-so-straight yet not-so-curly-either hair. My hair (before I cut it) used to be like the Veronicas' (picture above) since I really loved them alot last time. Also because like their hair, my hair isn't straight nor curly nor wavy. There isn't a word to describe it. I stuck to the same hairstyle for a year and three months, then suddenly...

... I messed it up because I wanted a change. Now I have bangs like Hayley Williams and Alexz Johnson (my two favourite people who happen to have red hair), only it's not so nice because my bangs aren't as long as theirs. Plus, mine isn't really straight. The sides are abit longer, which makes it look even worse.

Replies of tags:
Jennifer: Nope, they gave gummies. :]
Xuan_Cherry: Hahaa.. Thanks! :D
Nicolette: LOL.. My Cbox background color is actually transparent. I got the other colors from http://happyy-stop.co.nr. (:
Aaron Tan: Thank youuuu && happie SINGLE AWARENESS day to youuu! ^____^
Michelle: LOL.. Nope, someone else bought it for me. (:
Aaron Tan: Tell him he's more 'chio'.. hahaaa..
KZR: Linked! :D
Danielle: Thanks! (:
Mayy: I'm back! :D
Tze Kai: Nguaaaa!!! Don't call me Spongebob, SQUAREPANTS! >_______<
Tze Kai: I don't know either... By the way, Alexis Grace go out already. ):
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