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Dirty Diana
Friday, 20 March 2009, 9:45 pm

This is like, the worst thing that could ever happen in all of American Idol history! I honestly expected her to go very far this season, and even if she didn't win, I'd still think she's the best female contestant ever, along with Joanna Pacitti, who was originally selected as one of the semi-finalist, but then she got disqualified because they say it wasn't fair because she was singing 'professionally', unlike the other contestants. American Idol is stupid to boot their two best female singers off the show, and leave Megan Joy in the competition. Megan sucks! Anyway, before Joanna Pacitti auditioned for American Idol, she was already a small time actress + singer + song writer. Joanna had a single in 2006, plus she also sang for the My Scene and Bratz movie, also for the Cadet Kelly and Nancy Drew movie. She could have won if American Idol didn't disqualify her! Anyway anyway, back to my main subject. Alexis Grace (my favorite contestant since auditions) got disqualified the other day not because she wasn't good enough and got voted off the show. Ryan Seacrest got her voting phone number wrong! The number which Ryan Seacrest said to be Alexis' number does not belong to American Idol. It belongs to another company called Intimate Encounters, who used it as a sex line. This is soooo frustrating, I don't even wanna watch American Idol anymore! Of all contestants, why Alexis Grace, but not some other loser, like Megan or Anoop? Yeesshh.. I love Alexis Grace! Whyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy????
Hopefully, they'll realize their loss and call her back to the show like they did to Felicia Barton, who supposedly replace Joanna Pacitti, but got eliminated the next week. I believe Joanna Pacitti will do well, but it's really, very frustrating to see Alexis leave not because she's a bad singer, but because they got the stupid number wrong. They should give her another chance, right? Since it wasn't really her fault. So pitiful... By the way, I hate Adam Lambert, too! Although I have to admit Adam can sing very well, I just hate him because he reminds me too much of Joe Jonas! Joe Jonas makes me wanna pull his head off 'cause he irritates me soooooo much with his quack voice. It's a miracle that Joe Jonas can be so famous. If he can, the whole world can, too! Why don't we all pinch our own nose and start singing? Then, we can all sound like Joe Jonas! (i'm being sarcastic)...
I've finally put up a song on my blog. Guess what? Alexis Grace's Dirty Diana, my favourite performance of hers. Listen to it, okay? Then you'll understand what I meant when I said she could have won. ^_____________^
Oh, and yes, that's Alexis Grace on the banner on the top of this post. Pretty, right? And yeah, I realized not too long ago that she looks abit like Alexz Johnson. Hehehee..
Oh yeah, I was using my laptop yesterday, and I realized that my blog is seriously screwed when viewed using newer versions of Internet Explorer. It looks fine when I use Mozilla Firefox and even older versions of Internet Explorer.

(click on image to enlarge)
My navigations are on the left instead of the middle when I use newer versions of Internet Explorer to view my blog.

(click on image to enlarge)
Also, my patrick footer isn't in the middle when viewed using newer versions of Internet Explorer, like it's supposed to be. Instead, it's on the left side.
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