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Friday, 6 March 2009, 12:31 pm

Christine and I were talking about applying for the scholarship at Singapore next year when we're form three just now in school. I wanted to apply for it when I was Std. 6, too, but I didn't get to because my class teacher said nothing about it. I went to the website of the ministry of education (MOE- Singapore) to see what do we need to pass the test:
1. Nationals of Malaysia.
2. Born between 1993–1995
3. Currently in Form 2 or Form 3
4. Have done consistently well in their school examinations. (!!!!)
5. Proficiency in English and a good record of participation in extra-curricular activities would be an advantage. (!!!!)
Come to think of it, I've really loved Singapore all my life and have always wished to study + be a citizen over there. Which really makes sense though, since I was born in Singapore also. What I'm trying to say is, I just think I have wayyyyy more advantages there in Singapore than here in Malaysia, although Singaporeans are damn 'kiasu'. The education there is better, it's very safe even to be standing in the middle of nowhere in Singapore in the middle of the night alone (unlike here...), it's safe to take a bus or even a taxi (unlike here...), if you google the name of a school in Singapore, loads of related results will come out, and you'll be able to find the school's website easily (unlike here...). And believe me, the school's website will not be an untitled document (!!!!). Take a look and compare yourself:
- Malaysia: http://seafield.edu.my (Seafield- My current school~)
- Singapore: http://www.hillgrovesec.net (Hillgrove- The school my friends attend over there)
Anyway, since everyone else is doing it...

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