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Chio-bu na!
Sunday, 29 March 2009, 5:41 pm

You know, when you cut a fig in half, it looks like a heart. That's why they say it's bittersweetness, is the flavor of love. But to me, the flavor of love, tastes like that lousy cookie you made.

Hello! Sorry for neglecting this blog for soooo long again! Lately, I've been super busy with homework + projects, especially my Sejarah notes *shudders*. LOL.. The past week was seriously hectic as I was doing some last minutes work. Anyway, I currently have a new drug I'm seriously addicted to. Guess what it is! ^__________^
*deng deng deng deng...*

Meiji's Hello Panda biscuits ! Bwahahaha! So many Pandas! There was a Japanese fair going on at Sunway Piramid last week, and I bought two GIANT boxes of Hello Panda, one the chocolate flavor, the other the assorted pack. Who can resist such big boxes of Hello Pandas?? I bought another three small boxes yesterday when we were grocery shopping at Giant. Believe me, the huge blue Hello Panda box is now empty. So sad, right? ):
Besides the Panda biscuits, look what followed me home yesterday from Giant:

I swear it didn't cost me more than 20 dollars. I admit that I'm not really a Faber-Castell nor a ball pen fan, but it's the pinkness that made me go whooooop~!!
I love pink, don't you?
Anyway, I'm super proud of myself today! My parents + my brother went out early in the morning to go downtown to look for secondhand cars for my brother, whereas my sister had St. John duty the whole afternoon. So, basically, I was left home all alone because I refused to sit in the car for long hours. Guess what? Omigosh.. I actually did finish my homework! I got so bored + I woke up feeling rajin, so I just started to do my homework. I do my homework on weekdays, but definitely not on weekends because my weekends are mostly packed. Look!

My handwriting is getting smaller by day! I finally finished my Sejarah notes for the third chapter, now I'm left with the fourth chapter, so I won't be updating much for the time being either. Honestly, Christine and I finished our English homework on Friday before school ended, because we thought it was fun and unusual that we get to fill in speech bubbles! We're having our oral test next week, by the way. ):
I just realized that whenever I update my blog once in a while, my posts are very long and contains alot of pictures. Don't you think so, too? I'll try to update as often as possible from now on. (:
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