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Stuck On You
Monday, 23 February 2009, 9:17 pm

I heard you driving in my car, then in a frozen bar.
And I claimed I didn't care for you,
But your verse got trapped inside my head,
Over and over again, you played yourself to death in me.

I thought I'd drop you easily but that was
not to be,
You burrowed like a summer tic,

So you invade my sleep and confuse my dreams,
Turn my nights to sleepless itch.
You're the song that's stuck inside my head...

Exams are finallyyyy over!!! YAY! Our monthly test just ended last Friday, so for the days before I couldn't complete my Valentine's Day post because I was doing some last minute studying. Ahahahaa.. I know, since when I start studying a few days before exam? LOL.. This time round wasn't as hard as last year's, but still, hopefully I can get an A for my Maths + Science so that I don't have to go tuition. LOL..
The weekend after exam we went shopping! I feel so bad for spending so much money in just two days, but whatever, since I hardly spend anyways.. I went to school today with some of the receipts in my purse, and Christine and I counted the amount of money I spent since we had nothing to do. The total was exactly RM110.65. Oopsie...

The 'hope-tree' picture frame was given~

Earrings!! Underneath is Ate Joey's Vampire Knight poster~

I'm starting to collect diamond rings... :D

'Issteru', the brand of the nail polish, pronounces as 'aishteru' means I love you in Japanese. LOL..

Nyeheheheee.. I admit that I'm lifeless enough to love showing off my new camera(!!!) by taking pictures of whatever that's in front of me. Ahahaaaa... Just wait for the images to load. Sorry, if it makes your computer lag! :D

Ate Joey's Cloud Striffe (?)
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