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Jun Mania!
Friday, 6 February 2009, 11:36 am

"You Are My Pn. Nages"
is what we typed in one of our modules yesterday during ICTL. We were supposed to type You Are My Everything instead, but it sounded very cheesy to me, so we changed it to You Are My Nothing (...), which turned out boring, as well. So, we ended up with 'You Are My Pn. Nages', since Pn. Nages was our ICTL teacher. What's funnier is that Pn. Nages saw what we wrote, and you should have seen the expression on her face!!! Ahahahaha... I still laugh whenever I think about it. Pn. Nages didn't scold nor question us though, consider us lucky, what would we say if she did? LOL..
I received a package all the way from Singapore this morning, inside was Breaking Dawn, the last book of the Twilight saga. Now my collection is finally complete, although I have to admit that I most probably won't finish reading them. Hehehehe... Anyway, I received a mini 'Get Well Soon' card from Christine on Tuesday:

Cute, right? I've been having a sore throat since last Sunday (cough), and I was very, very unlucky on Monday. First off, I got poked by Pn. Lau with her rotan for not standing straight during assembly while we were saying the Rukun Negara thingy. Then, when we finally got to sit down, I realized I forgot to cut my nails, and it was VERY long. So, I borrowed Marion's nail clipper (which we cannot bring), and cut cut cut in the hall. Hehehehe.. I only managed to cut one hand, then the stupid prefect took away Marion's nail clipper. How unfortunate... Though I didn't get caught when we were leaving the hall because the stupid form one prefects forgot to spotcheck.. Hahahaha... Suckers..
Anyway, I don't know what to post List #3 about. I used to have loads of ideas, but now I've got none. Any suggestions, anybody?
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