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Josh Mania!
Friday, 6 February 2009, 10:25 pm

Josh Farro + Jeremy Davis are ♥

Sorry, Jun! I'm not into Matsujun anymore. Instead, now I'm really into JOSH FARRO!!!, the guitarist from Paramore. OMG~ He looks so unbelievably gorgeous in Paramore's CrushCrushCrush video, I swear. Go see for yourself:

He's the one with the sideburn, not the blonde one though. That's Jeremy (also very gorgeous, but not as gorgeous as JOSH!). The guitarist on Hayley Williams' right hand side, the one the camera keeps focusing on. Hehehehe.. He's so cute, I took screenshots of his gorgeous face from the CrushCrushCrush video since he's not really photogenic and he looks funny in pictures. Joshua Neil Farro~

You know what else is awesome?? Josh's birthday is one day after mine! What a coinky-dinky. Lick Yin's is on the 27th of September, mine and Hillary Duff's are on the 28th September, Zhi Han and Josh Farro's are on the 29th September. Hehehehe.. Heppy heppy. I also like Jeremy Davis (the blonde guitarist from Paramore), but still, not as much as Josh Farro. You should really consider watching Paramore's CrushCrushCrush video, it's really worth seeing Josh Farro.
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