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Shopping Spree~
Friday, 2 January 2009, 7:59 pm

I've just finished sending out the new year greetings I made for my affiliates. I'm so sorry if you didn't receive one although I've linked you, it's probably either because I couldn't access your blog or because you don't have a tagboard. Anyway, three more days until it's the first day of school again, and in order to accomplish the fourth resolution on my list (scroll down to my next post), I guess I'll be staying here for a little while more. As requested, here is how my holidays went. I couldn't remember what exactly happened the past two months, so I'll just blog about my shopping spree at Singapore, and the days after that. We arrived at Singapore at around 5 o'clock in the evening, and before heading to Takashimaya, we stopped by Aunty Penny's house for a quick visit. Since it was Christmas eve, everyone was doing some last minute shopping, I guess. Like, God, it was so crowded and damn squeezy! It wasn't long after we went in I bought a pink Hello Kitty watch for a fair price, plus it had 20% discount! After the discount it cost like about $84, which is considered quite cheap for a watch, plus it's an original Sanrio product. LOL.. Since we had tons of vouchers to spend with, my watch was paid with the vouchers, so no harm, right? Then we looked around some more for a Christmas present for Aunty Penny, but nothing really amusing so we bought a coin sorter and a kitty wind chime for her, considering as me and Ate Joey's Christmas gift for her. It was really late already when we finally decided the gifts, around 9.30 when the mall was closing, so we left. Then we had our dinner at Clementi, where most of the stores were closed, so we didn't get to buy anything there. By the time we got home, there were already presents for all of us, all nicely wrapped in the most beautiful wrapping paper I have even seen, just not under a Christmas tree, because we didn't have one, there was no room of a tree in the house. LOL.. On twelve midnight, officially Christmas, we were all still awake and opened our presents. Ate Joey got a LeSport Sac handbag, and I got so damn jealous because that was what I came all the way to buy. LOL.. I got an art kit, which was odd really, I'm not really the artistic type. We woke up extra early the next morning just so we could hit the shopping centres earlier, although I was the last to get up, who'd think that I had another Christmas present waiting for me? Ate Joey had it 'specially delivered' to me. Guess what? I got a PSP! How awesummm ~!! My owh my, Christine, may our years ahead of Quack not be so boring after all. LOL.. Joke. Anyway anyway, our first destination was Borders. Ate Joey wanted to find Revelations and Blue Bloods, whereas I wanted to buy the Twilight saga since it was out of stock at Malaysia. I only managed to find the first two, Eclipse and Breaking Dawn were out of stock. Then we walked all the way to Isetan since Orchard road was closed for the day since it was Christmas. Nothing interesting at Isetan though. Finally, we went to Takashimaya to continue to shop, I bought a Little Miss bottle and Eclipse. Yay! We went for dinner at Clementi again, so we walked around the stores there after dinner. Ate Joey and I bought a shirt each from Bosini for 30% off. Cool, huh? Every thing there was super cheap since it was Christmas, and they say Singapore was on 'recession', like yeah right. The day after was the craziest, I guess. Every where was sooooooo crowded because of the sale. First, we went to Metro, Paragon, but it was kind of boring there so we walked down to John Little, where I bought 2 shirts and Ate Joey bought 1 and 2 shorts, for $9.90. We were seriously very shocked when we saw the price. Then, we walked all the way to Centre Point, where we targeted Robinson first, to get my LeSport Sac bag, since we had voucher. There were so many people there at Robinson, and the queue at the cashier was so long! But still, it didn't stop me from getting my bag. Besides the vouchers, we still got 30% discount, LUCKY ME! We went back to Paragon after that and went home at around 8. 27th December, also the last day of our shopping spree, we went to Plaza Singapura, where we wanted to go on the 26th at first, but there wasn't enough time. Anyway, there weren't much to buy over there, though me and Ate Joey bought a pair of shoes. I love mine loads, but it's so hard to walk with. Since it was pretty late already, and we had to arrive home fast because my brother arrived home sooner, so we made a quick stop at Takashimaya again to buy the stuff we needed to. It was then I remembered to get Christine and Jennifer something, so I just grabbed whatever that was nearby. So yeah, please don't kill me if you don't like your presents! After packing our stuff, we stopped by IMM again to see the Esprit outlet store. I bought a pair of jeans. Heheee....
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