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Queen of Dorks
Friday, 23 January 2009, 8:53 pm

(click on the image for a better view)

!! I'm finally back to using Friendster, so do add me! I've changed my layout etc, for the old one looks really sucky to me now. The colors of my new layout are pink, gray and white. I love it truckloads! Heheheee...
Chinese New Year is almost here, so I won't be blogging much from now on since I won't be home for a while. Though for my next post, I will blog about Pet Society and maybe post up List #3. When I went to Pet Society today, I received gifts from Candyqueen. A musketeer hat and a yellow coat, both which are quite pricey to me. Thank you very much, Yan Wei!!! I'm still broke for I haven't been playing the past few weeks since I didn't get a chance to use the laptop. I need some time to earn some money, too, before I can send out gifts to everyone on my contact list. In the meantime, you guys can think of what I can get for you. (:
Oh yeah, I've created my first ever successful Paramore banner yesterday (the one above). Believe me, it's original size is wayy bigger, I just had to shrink it so that it would fit. I always have problems blending the pictures, but since the pictures I used for the background are concert pictures, it already looks blended although I did nothing else but place them beside each other. Cool, right? LOL..
Oh, and I've been seriously very addicted to this Paramore video lately:

It's really very worth watching if you love Paramore (or at least, know any of their songs). That's the song that's been stuck in my head whenever I go to school, that even Jennifer complains during classes...
"Nothing compares to a quiet evening alone, just the one, two, that I was just counting on...."
"Rock and roll, baby, don't you know, that we are alone now. Give me something to sing about..."
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