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Friday, 16 January 2009, 12:10 pm

Hello! I'm back from Rumah Sukan + Volleyball practise! Today's Rumah Sukan practise only lasted for half an hour, so we had the time while we sat and talked in the canteen, before Volleyball started. We won't be in class throughout the whole four periods before recess later in school. So, I guess I'll have alot of free time in school today. LOL.. Anyway, we had our first Photography Club meeting yesterday, and since there weren't many form two's there, Jennifer got to be the Treasurer, Christine the Secretary, Livia as Vice-Secretary and I got to be President! Yay!!! So, basically, we get to plan on where-to-go & what-to-do for our Photography Club school trip which will be around April, or whatever. We plan on going either Genting Highlands or Cameron Highlands. I've never been to Cameron Highlands before, honestly, but Livia and Christine says it's very boring over there. Ladang teh. Oh, and this form one dude wants to go Australia, so maybe he'll sponsor us all a trip to Australia or something, we'll never know, right? LOL.. We also have permissions to skip class to decorate the notice boards reserved for Kelab Seni Foto by the hallways. Teeheee~
Today, Jennifer and I were talking about Hayley Williams, Paramore, Hey Monday, Books, etc. During our conversation, I thought about some stuff-s.

The Mediator Series - Meg Cabot - Books - Hana Yori Dango - Matsujun - SNG - SNG's cousin - Blog - Ways To Live Forever by Sally Nichills

I finally ended up thinking of making lists of stuffs like Sam McQueen does in the book 'Ways To Live Forever' by Sally Nichills.

List #1- Things I Would Like To Do Before I Die
- Become a very famous director. ♥
- Make sure every single one of my friends' dreams come true.
- Highlight my hair Red. *Hayley Williams
- Highlight my hair Blue. *Janel Parrish
- Perform in a gig.
- Know what it's like to be loved.
- Go on stage again.
- Finish writing Ella Ella Laine for Ella + Christine.
- And Strumming Some Heartstrings for Matsujun + SNG + Aaron.
- Get a proper job.
- Get into a good college + Yale.
- Get married with someone I really love, without having to be forced.
- See Paramore perform live!!!!

Hope this blog entry of mine inspires you to do the same as well! You'll never know if you look back to your previous entries (or lists- if you don't post them up to your blog), you know that you've actually accomplished something in life.
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