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Happy New Year
Thursday, 1 January 2009, 12:57 am

Although I'm a few days late already, but still, I wanna wish you a happy belated birthday! May all your wishes come true and you rock at 13 ~!!

Sorry for neglecting this blog for such a long time! I've been rather busy lately with some school stuff, and my network totally sucks during the holidays. And I won't be blogging much during the holidays, too, because I'll be pretty busy. Sorry, loves! I finally got back my report card from school just the other day. So sad, I did quite poorly this round, but my place in class is okay, I guess. I got #19, how lucky! Well, this amazing, super fun year is about to end has come to an end already. 2008 was a really special and exciting year for me, getting to know new people, getting involved in stuff we weren't supposed to, and pretty much just being crazy 24/7. So~
to all. Hope you all will have an awesome year this year. Yep, no count down party or whatever for me this year, I just thought of spending the last few minutes of 2008 recalling all the awesome and crazy times we had this past year~
I admit that blogging takes up alot of time and it tends to get troublesome sometimes, but while some people only blog because they want to fit in and they pretty much talk crap in their blog, it's nice to know that you get to keep records of your life. I mean, you'll never know, when we get older, we can read our previous posts and look back to our childhood years.
Okay, here's my 2009 resolution~
- Enjoy life to the fullest ~!!
- I really need to learn to socialize more..
- Get a life. LOL..
- Make up for all the mistakes I made/all the people I've hurt the past year. ):
- Kick someone right in the face.
- Straight A's for my exams.
- Get into the habbit of curling my hair every morning. ^_________^
- Getting an A for Maths. :D
- Basically, just being a better person. (:
My blog will be open for a couple of days since it's new year's. But I'm gonna have to close it down again sooner or later. Don't worry, I'll be back to blogging every day soon! Do drop a tag ~!!

P.S. Posts about the holidays will be up soon! :D
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