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3 words, 8 Letters
Wednesday, 21 January 2009, 11:01 pm

Our Photography Club meeting for tomorrow got canceled since En. Ardi is on leave for the next two days. Aww.. And I was really looking forward to it, since we were planning on having a contest on who comes out with the best design for our Photography Club T-shirt.
Three Weeks, and I'm still breathing.
I'm so tired from all the homework, the notes copying etc. I know it's only the third week, but I really do need a break! I want to play Pet Society really badly, too! I'm very broke on Pet Society since the other day I was shopping like mad since all the new items are so cute + irresistible! Oh, and the items were only on sale for a week, so I had to buy them even though I lack of coins. Heheheee...
I got inspired by the book Waves by Sharon Dogar. Like Hal Dittons in the book (although I have to admit that I haven't complete the book yet), here's list #2, on the kind of friend I always wanted, but never had.

List #2- The Kind of Friend I Always Wanted, But Never Had
- I tend to bottle up my problems and emotions ever since I was very, very young. It's most likely because I don't trust anyone with my personal life 'stories'. The one second you trust someone, the next he/she backstabs you. So yeah, basically, I want someone whom I can trust with all my heart.
- Someone who tells me that everything is gonna be alright no matter what whenever I'm going through a crisis, even if I know that it's not. But hey, if it makes me feel better for like, a second.
- I want a friend that I can share my craze for Paramore with, also someone who is very loyal to me, instead of the kind who likes to piss people off for their own advantages.
- Someone who actually considers my feelings.
- I want a friend that would hop around the world with me after we graduate!!!
- Someone who actually keep their promises.
- Oh, and someone whom I can bitch with. Heheheeeee....
- Basically, someone whom I can call my best friend.
- 3 words, 8 letters. Say it, and I'm yours. (Joke!!!)

List #2 isn't exactly as long as the first one, though it's still as meaningful, I guess. You know when they say, "Live By the Golden Rule" which means always treat a friend as you would want to treated. Maybe that's what I've been missing all along. Hmmm....
Christine and I plan on going to Genting Highlands for our Photography Club trip, though we have to wait until after Chinese New Year, then we can check with En. Ardi. Also about the T-shirt designing competition thingy. Anyway, I plan on posting List #3 on God-knows-what tomorrow during ICTL. Looking forward to it!!! Oh, and I'm so lazy to reply tags. ):
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