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Tonight, It's Only You & Me
Saturday, 8 November 2008, 10:49 pm

Hehehe.. I am happy to announce that I have officially completed my blogskin. LOL.. I worked really hard on it, therefore it took me like two days. I use Kyuusho's Not So Pink skin as basecodes, and I doubt I'll use the skin until everything is perfect. Hahas.. I had alot of problems with the navigation thing, each time I add a new Javascript code, the navigations above don't work. Okay, so the skin's main colors are sky blue, pink, white and grey. I like pink and blue, so cute & 'stress-releasing'. So yeah, look out for it! If you have any suggestions for my skin, do tag me about it. I'd be happy to hear from you. Hahas.. Now I'm currently struggling to put a nice & neat disclaimer. A not-so-complicated one, too. Yeah, yeah, enough about the my blogskin, ya? Yesterday (Friday), we went to return our text books, and we waited for sooo longgg, to finally discover that we won't make it to the front of the line unless we cut-que. So, we did. LOL.. Went to Quack this evening, so glad that this is my last class with him for the year. I didn't wanna go for the next two classes, so he asked me to pay for half of the month only, 35 bucks. See, so good. Hahas.. Hmm... Plans for tomorrow: Was planning to go to Christine's house to pass her Ella Ella Laine tomorrow, but bad timing, so can't. Going shopping during the evening. HAHAHAHA!! (relief) LOL.. Nothing much happened. Chatted for a long time with Marion, and in no time we found ourselves searching for eachother at Club Penguin. LOL.. We failed, unfortunately. Note to self: I have to search for her again on Monday, 10 in the morning, at Bunny Hill. Weird, no? While chatting with Marion, we both discovered something a this certainsomeone we were talking about. Turns out Marion doesn't like her either, and knows that she's a liar. I can't agree more, honestly. I used to feel guilty for not liking her. Well, not anymore, after my conversation with Marion. Owh well, life ain't fair, just like the people living it. Tsk tsk..
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