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Rock You Like A Hurricane
Friday, 21 November 2008, 7:32 pm

Ellow. Sorry, I haven't updated in a whole week already. I've been say, quite busy this week, plus I did alot of shopping in Summit! LAWL.. Anyway, do you know Song Yoon-ah, a Korean actress? I love her hair truckloads, and I'm pretty much planning to have mine cut that way sooner or later. Don't get me wrong though, she is pretty old already, but her hair is seriously cute! LOL.. Currently playing the new Nancy Drew game, quite scary though. Hahas.. We actually get to see a BANSHEE, twice, to be exact. Oh yeah, I guess I hadn't mentioned anything about me getting a website before, no? Yeah, I've gotten myself a personal website to post up all my stories, since they all have no where to go. I won't share the URL yet though, until every thing is perfecto. My site is still under construction. Which reminds me, I haven't touched my blogskin in a while now. Hehehe.. Believe me, just the other day, I was blog hopping & saw all the other awesome skins, and I totally felt like abandoning mine. LOL.. But I didn't, because I really went through alot just to get the navigations to work. Dumb navigations. Oh, and I finally got my phone back the other day. Yeesshh.. Took them long enough, don't you think? Today, for the second time of my life, I went to the dentist. Yep, you read me right, the DENTIST. LOL.. See, I have to get bracles due to my not-so-perfect teeth, so today I've took the first three steps down the bracles road:
Step One:
The not-so-terrifying but ouch-it-hurts-abit moulding. Okay, the dentist will fit something that's seriously way to big into your mouth that it hurts as if you've smiled too much. Something that pretty much fits the shape of your mouth, with something else that looks like youghurt (but cannot be eaten!) on the top of it. Doing the bottom doesn't hurt one bit, except for my cheeks, that is. It's the top that hurts. See, to prevent the youghurt look-alike to fall off, you have to lower your head, and the dentist will be pushing the thing that's shaped like your mouth up. The problem is, the thing is metal and kind of sharp at the sides, and you'll be lowering your head, the dentist pushing the metal to your gum, it's not a very nice feeling for your gums, you know.
Step Two:
The not-so-but-quite-painful separating. See, you'll need some space in between your teeth, so the dentist will use two pairs of scissors, and friggin stick them into your mouth, and fit this blue-rubber thing in between your teeth. Not all of them though, two at the bottom and two at the top. Here's the ouch-part, the rubber won't be able to stay if it's just in between your two teeth, so the dentist will have to friggin suck the rubber into your gum. How do you think that feels? Oh, don't worry, it doesn't hurt alot. Just a little, but you'll be feeling discomfort for a couple of days.
Step Three:
The doesn't-hurt-one-bit part but gosh-it's-damn-scary part, the X-Ray thingy. The dentist will need to check & make sure that everything will go well before having you teeth pulled out, so she'll need to take an X-Ray of your mouth. You'll have to wear this super heavy coat-like jacket to prevent shock and all, and the dentist will have you close your eyes and lock you in a tiny room, with no one else in there with you. This is because the X-Ray machines cause radiation. Closing your eyes and alone in somewhere you're not familiar with, also surrounded by dangerous machines, you'll never know if one of them decides to blow off and bye bye to the world for you. Seriously. Even I thought it was rather terrifying.

I still have a few more (hundred) steps to take, and I am so ready & looking forward to them, although I know it's gonna hurt, alot. I mean, how pain can it be? I have along road ahead of me in life, why not just face it and see what's next. I'm having my next dentist appointment on Monday, so by then I'll be blogging in bracles. LOL.. Which means (I'm so sorry since I was the one who suggested it), Jennifer and Christine, I don't think I'll be able to make it on next Friday. But still, there's hope.
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