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HYD Rawks
Sunday, 30 November 2008, 8:02 pm

Gosh, do I feel like a retard or do I feel like a retard? I just came back from Carrefour a couple of hours ago. You'll never guess who I saw! No, I'm not gonna tell. It's for me to know and for you to find out. I'll give you a hint or two though. It's a her and she's from Seafield. LOL.. Good luck trying to figure it out, because seriously, I'm about to leave you wondering who that person is for the rest of your life. LOL.. Oh yeah, to darling Jennifer, welcome back! Hope you had your fun the past few days. Okay, I'm currently blogging using a whole new monitor we bought just now at Carrefour for a pretty low price. And gosh, I really start to wonder, are the people who design monitors retarded or something?? The new monitor we bought is a LCD Monitor, so it's kind of flat, and very wide. I mean, the width and the height really don't go, so for me now it's like, whatever site I go to it seems so wide and poorly aligned. Even my own blog. *Super pissed* Oh, but the good news is that I finally bought the two pairs of hoop earrings I wanted. Yay! Right now, I'm seriously obsessed with Arashi, I mean, their songs can sound stupid & gay at first. But it gets better and better after a while. LOL.. Hmm.. SPM is going to end pretty soon, and seriously, I can't wait to go Singapore! See, there's this particular pair of shoes that caught my eye the other day when I was shopping in Sunway Piramid, but the price was omigosh, so crazy! So yeah, I plan on buying them in Singapore, hopefully for a cheaper price. The problem is whether I can find it or not. I have a pretty long shopping list to clear when I get there, you know. Also craving for the awesome food over there, and also the bubble tea and the Pink Dolphin drink. Hahas.. I re-watched HYD yesterday evening, because I wanted to know the quote that Tsukasa's sister, Tsubaki told him. The love one. Unfortunately, in different sites and different DVDs, the subs will be different, too, so I didn't really get the one I wanted. Sorry, but I can't really remember it myself, but the quote is seriously meaningful and makes the whole season go round. It's something like, if you want to be loved, you need to love first. When you are in love, you will do anything for it, you will have to make sacrifices for it. You will want to serve it. The other one is like, when you love someone, grab hold her heart and never let go. Treat her as if she's precious, and she's the only one meant for you. Yeah, I know. It sounds pretty lame here, but if you watch the series, it's really awesome!
LOL.. Sorry, I can't find any screen shots of Season Two. Note that the screen shots of Season One weren't taken by me, I got them from here. So yeah, thanks for sharing the pictures! Hope you guys will spare some time to watch this awesome series! :D
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