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I'm Here Without You, Baby
Thursday, 6 November 2008, 9:48 pm

I'm Back!

Just not in black. LOL.. Hell yeah, I'm very, I mean VERY relief that exams are over now. I think I did well, I guess. I've studied seriously my head off, but it was last minute work. Hahas.. So yeah, exams were okay, I guess. Hard for the papers I barely studied, easy for those that I really studied. Fair enough. LOL.. Hmm... We'll be going to school tomorrow to return our text books, and if I get the chance, I wanna take the advantage and hang around a little. On next Wednesday, only my class [which is 1K, by the way], 1L, 2A & 2C will be in school, whereas other classes will be going on other days. So, you know, in a way, I can say that tomorrow's my last day to take a good look around and try my best to remember the faces of the people who made my year special this year, before they go off next year to form 3, which will be in the morning. I've been asking myself the exact same question these past few months, "How the hell will we survive without them?" LOL.. We're gonna have to let go sooner or later, no? So yeah, I'll be having alot of free time from now on, I already have a few things on my mind that I wanna do.. Hahas.. I've made a promise to myself that I'd start making blogskins again, one for my personal blog, and maybe a few to contribute to everyone else. I guess I'll be going to school next Wednesday, though knowingly not many will turn up. Believe it or not, Imma make this last forever. LOL.. Oh yeah, I'm a big fan of Hey Monday now. LOL.. Their songs are addictive. I bet many of you will like them as well. Hahas.. See for yourself! Check out my tagboard! Jennifer & Michelle like the songs, too! LOL.. Oh yeah, I'm too lazy to reply tags, okay? Don't be mad, ya! I'll only reply those important and 'special' ones. Hehehe.. Owh well, I guess that's all for today. Enough bragging already. LOL.. Good night everyone! Will update tomorrow!
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