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Monday, 10 November 2008, 9:17 pm

AYEMSOHEPPY. LAWL.. I'm in a pretty good mood today. Yay! My blogskin is still half-way done, so I'll need a while more until it's up. I take such a long time to complete this blogskin is because I want it to be perfect. Plus, I'm changing my disclaimer, my links, etc. etc. I need time to think of a new design, no? LOL.. Okay, so I joined Plurk yesterday. Last night, I think. But I pretty much ignored and didn't update it at all. I got bored this morning, and so I decided to "play play" with my Plurk. Gosh, I'm very addicted to it now. LOL.. Who wouldn't be? I invited Jennifer to join the fun a couple of hours ago, who knew she'd get so crazy over it, too. Hahas.. I've done my best to 'beautify' my Plurk page by changing the layout and editing the About Me section. You'll never guess what's the theme of my Plurk layout. I'd bet that for a million bucks, I swear. [Okay, for those who already saw my page, that's not fair.]
Drumrolls, please

Okays, the theme of my layout in Plurk is "Breast Cancer Awareness". Hahas.. Very unexpected, no? The image of the theme even says "Breath With Strenght". Hey, don't blame me. It's the only nice Plurk layout that I can find. Besides, I like it. LOL.. Oh yes, I went to Sunway Piramid yesterday to shop like mad. I came back very happily with the things that I've wanted for many, many months. I'm still abit crazy right 'till this second. LAWL.. Hmm.. That's all for today, I guess. This is how my Plurk looks like:

This is the top of my Plurk. The color in the picture is slightly different from the real one. The real one is much nicer, believe me. Click on the image to enlarge.

The bottom of my Plurk page. The layout is not bad, eh? LOL.. Feel free to add me at Plurk!
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