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You Have Stolen My Heart
Friday, 3 October 2008, 11:01 pm

Trying. Goddamn. Hard. To. Focus. On. My. Studies.
Two more days until paradise becomes living hell. What have I accomplished so far? Nothing. I feel awfully ashamed of myself. Tsk tsk. I've tried, tried, & tried my heart out, but this blog is distracting me. This blog with it's awesome rhythm, Nothing compares to a quiet evening alone. Just the one, two that I was just counting on. That never happens. I guess I'm dreaming again. Hey, you only need to hang around in my blog for three minutes and ten seconds to hear the full song. So why hesitate? Just do as I say so, you won't regret it one bit. Anyway, I'm aiming for straight A's in my final exam, but how? That is the question. Do I have to delete my blog just to focus to studying? Oh no, even if I do do that, I'll still have my phone. My phone can access the internet, harharhar. I bloghopped and noticed, everyone has exams to prepare for all around the world: Malaysians are certified, Singaporeans, too et cetera. How I wish I could form a study group, then I can take advantage to run around attending our "study sessions", which mostly turn out to be a "chit chat session". Then we'll realize that we were supposed to be studying & we try to get back to studying. Did you miss out the try word? Hahas.. In less than five seconds' time, we'll immediately start talking crap again. Then you replay the whole scene over and over again, but nothing really goes into our head. Tsk tsk. Believe me, you really have to be a nerd to actually miss out a chance to talk and actually study. LAWL.. Believe me, I've had several experiences. Nguaaa... I'm supposed to be studying now but I'm blogging. What to do? Hahas.. Here's what I'd do, look out for my next post. (:
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